Here, I am interested in bringing notable, most patronized, and top three spare parts dealers in Agbara to the motorists that don’t want to be frustrated by unforeseen breakdown. Hence, he’s up to act accordingly. Having thoroughly reviewed different directories and reviews, I will humbly seek for their indulgence by adding my own as touching the topic.

Just before you enter anywhere to purchase that spare-part, please watch out because there are some dubious elements that merchandise on their customer’s novice, that is the more reason why this article is put forward to curb their menace by providing dependable, forthright and most patronize spare parts dealers in Agbara and its environs with their address or contact information.  Buy from the closest one to your domain and avoid being duped. The list goes thus:

  1. Handselcom Resources

It is a versatile and resourceful dealer, being fully abreast and informed of the latest development in the industry. Its versatility makes it quite easy to get any various kinds of spare parts of four wheelers or sometimes lesser. It’s located at Diya Gate, Opic Estate Agbara Ado / Odo. For the optimum compass, I’ve included the phone of Mr. Harrison which is 08189018839. I see you being jolted by their service, which includes:

  • Auto Spare parts
  • Automobile
  • Bicycle spare parts
  • Tricycle spare part
  • Motor spare part
  1. Ajokaz Motors

Ajokaz motor is located in Agbara at 73, Palace Road, Agbara, Ado – Odo, Ota. The company is mainly into auto dealers (four wheelers) with a lot of cool and expertise capable of “diagnosing” and recommending most felicitous spare part to their customers. Advisably, you can contact them on 08085729999 or 08033354023. Their service can be briefly summarized thus:

  • Auto Dealers (four wheelers)
  • Automobile
  • Offering fairly used car
  1. Ibro Motors Ventures

It is a reliable spare part in term of the quality of their products. Its office address is located at 32 Jida Road, Agbara – Badagry Expressway, Agbara. Better still, you can contact them on 08023297822. They are into:

  • Automobile
  • Auto dealers
  • Sell fairly used Automobile

Confidently, I can say that you are safe when buying from any of the top three spare parts dealers in Agbara, this is hinged on the fact that:

  • Selling of quality products in their centre though, there are grades in term of quality
  • Provision of consultancy service to their customers
  • Affordability of their products, however, money has a part to play in the quality you can go away with.
  • Demand thorough and detailed information about the fault before selling. This is done to avoid unnecessary complication.
  • Provision of jalopy in case of heavy breakdown
  • Help in disposing of a fairly used motor without exploiting or extorting their customer.

The motorists in Agbara and its environs got nothing to be worried about, as there is provision for quick and smart response from the top three spare parts dealers mentioned above. “Always prepare for unforeseen because Nigeria roads are so good”.