In my attempt to help people easily discover businesses around their location with relevant information, i am dedicating this post to highlight the top five medical laboratories in Agbara and closest towns. By the way, i have to mention that this post was not sponsored by anyone. If you find some lapses in the details, or needed to make some recommendations, feel free to drop it in the comment section with relevant information. Without wasting your time, let’s get straight to the point.

1. A and E Diagnostic Service Limited

The first place that comes to mind each time i think of diagnostic services in Agbara is A&E diagnostic services. Their laboratory address is located at Badagry Express Road, Agbara, and another office at Jida road, opposite coppers’ lodge. As at the time of writing this post, you can call this number 08186798879 for any enquiry. Some outstanding features of A and E are:

  • Having a competent and certified staff from accredited institutions and they are up to the task with a great zeal of delivery and satisfying their patients.
  • Availability of comprehensive and affordable diagnostic services
  • Renowned and approved diagnostic centres devoid of scam or any dubious act with the ability to refer their patients.
  • Availability of ambulance in case there is emergency or operation is going before what they can curtail.
  • Absolutely reliable with zero tolerance for indiscipline and committed to upholding primary health care objectives.

2. Agbara Diagnostic Centre

Closely situated to A&E diagnostic centre, and opposite the Agbara estate road is Agbara diagnostic centre. The address is located at km 32, badagry expressway, Agbara Bus stop, Alakija Agbara. You can call 08033512598 or 08056939888 for further enquiry. They have more to offer to be highlighted.

3. Cornerstone Medical Diagnostic Center

Cornerstone is located at 89, Hospital Road, Alakija, Agbara. You can contact them on 08028630881. It is needful to state that, for every task, there is a reward and the only reward cornerstone appreciate is cooperation of their patient in striving to foot their medical bill. Please, prepare yourself before going but don’t be scared, it is affordable by hoi polloi. How much more you? You can!!

4. Izi Cornerstone Laboratories and Company

Here, the laboratories work is handled by competent and effective medical practitioners and affiliating it with a company. It is located at km 32, Lagos – Badagry Expressway, Morogbo and are into

  • Consulting
  • Diagnostic Centres
  • Brain training centres

However, the company work is of no relevance here, therefore it will be sidelined and focus on the diagnostic centre and related works. Their centre is well equipped and distance from any mischievous or fraudulent act.

  1. God’s anchor Medical Laboratory

It is situated at Ilogbo Eremi Road, Oko – afo, Badagry – Agbara, Road. Truly the laboratory is anchored by God by putting Him at the helm of the affair of the Lab. Not only so, they have well trained and competent staff always ready to offer their best service to the patient without prejudice. They have tripod services which include Healthcare, Clinics and Diagnostic centres and exclusively monitored. One unique thing about them is that they prioritize the health condition of their patient by employing all tactics to ameliorate it.  You can contact Lauretta as their spokesperson on 08033939940 or 08085095161 for better further info.

Having painstakingly researched out the top six medical laboratories in Agbara, it worth saying that, there are some centres that exist, not defrauding nor neither into an illegal act. However, the decision is yours to take but I will advise that you patronize the listed centres because their works speak audibly for them. Remember, “Your health is your wealth. Fend for it”.