Understandably, every parent aims at providing quality education for their wards or children with the view of making them stand out in this competitive era without much consideration of the bill acquiring their end. Therefore, prefer sending their children to where the parent deems fit for them to actualize their objective. Because of the competitiveness of private secondary schools and apparent jostling for kids amidst them, I will restrict myself to top private secondary schools in Osborne Ikoyi.

Devoid of prejudice or undue subjugation, the selected schools worth preferring above the rest in all meaningful and tangible views or reasons that one can use to argue why they are selected. Meanwhile, if you are of contrary opinion with concrete a shreds of evidence, feel free to ask the Ojaswebs to review the article by including your name however with terms and conditions apply.

  1. Foreshore School

Just before I unveil the magnificence and glamour accrued to the school, I’ll consider giving their address, with which I strongly believe that you will agree to the reason for that thereafter, the school is located at Plot 2, Block 6, Acacia drive, Osborne Foreshore Phase II, (Opposite Dolphin Estate)
, Lagos. Other several means of contacting them are 08023121865 or 08176139340 or info@theforeshoreschoolikoyi.com. Just to mention a few of their services:

  • The foreshore is ever ready to prepare your ward for admirable future which has been laboriously done for years and the undeniable evidence are on the plaque for all to see.
  • They run all kinds of classes starting from crèches and to the final class which is senior classes.
  • The level of facilities that are academically, emotionally, psychologically and the likes situated is amazing and far beyond rubies.
  • Foreshore has a working, equipped and standard laboratories and library for the advancement of learning
  • Their teachers are phenomenal, having the same passion for engaging and building the potentials in the children

This article will fail to cover all the dos and don’ts of the school but for those interested in knowing more about the school, you can use the address above or follow this link, http://theforeshoreschoolikoyi.com which is the school’s website.

  1. Bridge House College

It is a centre for bridging the gap and raising the tomorrow’s national leader. The passion invested in modelling and building potential leaders at the bridge house is unquestionable and unquantifiable. In order to actualize their mission, the school affiliated with successful and reputable programmes so as to make their students stand out among the rest, such programmes are Accelerated A Level Programmes, Cambridge A-Level Programme, University Foundation Programmes, USA Foundation Pathway and lastly, Medical Foundation Pathway. Their teachers are exceptional and up to the task, well-grounded with useful skills for learning. Bridge House College is located at Plot 8, Block II, Royal Palm Avenue, Osborne Phase II, Foreshore, Ikoyi, Lagos. Their website is https://www.bridgehousecollege.com. Lastly, at Bridge House, the future you admire is attainable and secured.

These are the top two schools at Osborne that meet up with the writer rule of selection, however, if you have a contrary view about it and question why your school is missing out. You can make use of the homepage of Ojasweb.com for proper relaying of your opinion. Not just an education but the best education cannot be overemphasized in this era. Therefore, as a parent, strive to get that as lifetime gift for your child.