There are numerous designers in Ikoyi with a great deal of finesse but the exceptionally top notch three fashions designer in Ikoyi, Lagos will be discussed. Ikoyi is a mapped out residential area with an industries that play according to the global standard of living hence, making it one of the safest abode in the state and home for the rich, leading to an upward spiral in the cost of living, In spite of that, there are endowed and exceptionally classic fashion designers in the area, however, this article will be limited to just three that are top notch fashion designers in Ikoyi.

Moofa Designs and School of Fashion Design

It will be the first on the list because of the level of expertise, creativity in designing most-needed clothes for different functions and online visibility. Just before I go into what and what the theater of designing is into, let me state their address which is conveniently situated at 179A Isale – Eko Avenue, Dolphin Estate Ikoyi. Moofa creates trans-seasonal, timeless and functional pieces that can be worn at work, during play time, short nightdresses and ceremonial piece. They are amazingly perfect in their craftsmanship.

They have two training section, first for beginners class which span for 3 months and involves pattern drafting, garment construction and sewing in the bodice (top) skirts and dresses and the second is advance class which lasts for 6 months and encompasses all designing processes. It is important for all the students to have a sewing machine because it is 100% practical. In fact, no enrollment without a sewing machine. Therefore, get one. Get other information on their website:, you can follow them on instagram @moofadesigns; you can call any of these numbers +234 814 527 7914 or +234 803 319 7496 or follow the mail bag which is Any of these links will lead you to Moofa where you can get that modern and epitome design.

New Life Fashion Designer

It truly gives life and exuberances to their customers because the piece is unique and always a knitted garment, decoy on men’s shirt, all types of suits, senator wears and other African native wears for men and women.

They are located at Block 59 Falt Isolo Road, Dolphin Estate Ikoyi, Lagos. New Life Fashion Design is opened to training session without any malicious or maltreatment case of their training or inflicting unnecessary stress on them unlike what is common of others, but ensures they are grossly engaged them in fashion designing and engross in their thought of becoming model perfectionist as regards fashion world. It is this passion that they have inculcated and built upon that have made them to be classic and exceptionally unique.   You can call their number 08022826366 to book an appointment or strike a deal

Kareem Tailoring Service

The list is incomplete without mentioning Kareem’s tailoring service which has proven their prowess and talent in the field of tailoring. It is located at Shop A93, Warders Barracks Plaza, Awolowo Road, Ikoyi, Lagos. They are also opened to training classes with terms and condition apply without extorting their trainee. They are gifted in Men’s wear, Women’s wear, ceremonial outfit, Short dresses and lot more. You can call +2348022653401 for booking or subscribing to their services.

These are top three fashion designers in Ikoyi, Lagos through, there are numerous designers in Ikoyi, and I hope you don’t expect less? The article is aimed at bringing the best and top fashion designers in Ikoyi which harbour wealthy personalities and sage individuals and such people will demand nothing less than the best quality they can ever get. If you are interested in bringing your website, business or having a site for your business and bring it to spotlight, you can partner with us, trust me, you will always have the best.