There are some reputable companies to work in Badagry; however not so many people know or talk about them. If you’re planning to relocate to Badagry, It is very likely that you’re reading this article because you don’t want to be jobless and directionless after your relocation. I have conducted proper research and found that the companies highlighted below are some of the top companies in Badagry with the highest job opportunities for graduates and artisans.

Atlantic Shrimpers Ltd

Atlantic Shrimpers Ltd
Atlantic Shrimpers Ltd is one of the producers & exporters of the premium brand of sea frozen products from Nigeria. ASL is undoubtedly one of the largest fishing company in Nigeria and perhaps in West Africa, having a fleet of over 70 fishing trawlers.
Atlantic Shrimpers Ltd has been active in shrimp trawling since the 90s; expanding its fleet from 25 to 70 trawlers now. In 2001 ASL obtained its own Dry Dock that facilitates in-house maintenance of the whole vessel. ASL also has in-house lab, fuel bunkers, workshops & cold storage facilities.
Atlantic Shrimpers Ltd is committed to the continuous supply of frozen Shrimp, Fish and Value added products to the Nigerian market thorough their retail outlets THE FISH SHOP, which makes the country less dependent on imported fish for proteins.
Their retail outlets “The Fish Shop” are located strategically across Lagos, Ibadan and Abuja. Current outlets are at ABUJA, IBADAN, APAPA, FESTAC, IKEJA, KIRIKIRI, LEKKI, SURULERE & VICTORIA ISLAND.
One of their major shrimping sites is located in Badagry, and currently has about 1000 employees, and still counting. Atlantic Shrimper Ltd employs GRADUATES, ARTISANS and O-level certificate holders. If you’ve never heard about such opportunity in Badagry, now you do.


Companies in Badagry
The Administrative Staff College of Nigeria is a degree awarding institution located at Topo, a town in Badagry, Lagos State, southwestern Nigeria. The college was founded in 1973 by the Federal Government of Nigeria in the Military era as a management development institution for training staffs the civil service. The company is one of the biggest companies in Badagry, and they offer great opportunities for qualified candidates.
ASCON is a government owned institution, so their recruiting process might be different from the other two companies on the list.

Whispering Palms

Whispering Palms
Whispering Palms (WP) is undoubtedly the largest and one of the oldest hospitality companies in Badagry, Lagos. It is a serene environment where thinkers get to reflect and mediate on academics, business, familial and personal development, amongst other things – away from the stresses of the city.
Whispering Palms now stands at 12 acres with an annex called the Larus Field of Hope, Holiday Sports and Larus Event Centre, which houses activities such as beach soccer, tennis, volleyball and swimming. The annex spans a generous 8 acres and is a welcome addition to the core site.
It is quite difficult for me to say the exact number of rooms in this giant company, however a rough estimate shows that they have more than 1000 rooms.
If you’re one of those ladies who enjoy working in hospitality companies, Whispering Palms is a good option for you.
Additional information
In case you want to know more about the benefits of working with the companies, below are some of them…
1. Availability of staff bus
2. Provision of health facility
3. Attractive salary
4. Word-class working environment
5. Exposure to the ocean,
6. Connections, and
7. Several other benefits
These are the top companies to work in Badagry. I hope the information will help you get a well-paying and pleasant job you desire.