The safest and perhaps, the surest way to maintain fairly uninterrupted health status is to have a cursory and up to date medical check particularly in a country like Nigeria. Therefore, it often than none recommended by health workers to the patient to visit nearby accredited, nearest medical centres in one’s locality to do have it done. I will painstakingly and gladly travels the nooks and cranny of Ikoyi to serve you the top 5 Hospitals in Ikoyi without localizing the research area to any popular region of the locale. This is done to entrench the accessibility of “digitalize fellows” to the best and top hospitals that can afford them the much needed and qualitative health care. Actually, the publication is not in any way sponsor and neither does the researcher has any ill feeling for any hospital, however, the criteria for making the list depend on online visibility of the hospitals, years of standing in the profession, number of medical doctors in the centres among others. Here are the top 5 Hospitals in Ikoyi that I can boastfully publish.

  • Divine Medical Centre

Divine in the hospital name is what I will say, is a means to eradicate unnecessary encomium and swaggering from the patients’ review. However, as against their tactics, I will rank Divine Medical Centre as one of the finest and medically equipped hospitals with a good number of qualified and down to the earth Medical Doctor, well-seasoned and versed in medical works. Not of overhyping, Divine Medical centre can arguably be said to be the pace centre within the locality (Ikoyi) while others emulate. They have a wide range of services, using modern facilities to attend to patients. Their address is No 53, Norman Williams Street, off Keffi Street off Ribadu Road, Southwest, Ikoyi. You can contact any of these media:

Phone Number: 07087859429 or 09090406970


Get the rest info on their website

  • Best Care Hospital

Apparently, they’re given something synonymous to the best if not the best, because discernment is left for the patients which is often subjective. At Best care Hospital, mitigating the pain and ameliorating the condition have been their watchword, with standby qualified health workers. Their rooms are neatly and compactly built in adherence to the NHIS standard and also provided health service in accordance with the laydown guidance. Their address is located at 2A Keffi Street, off Awolowo Road, Ikoyi, you can call them on 0708 411 1486 or 08090822770.

Their website is, you can check it for more info.

  • First Cardiology Consultants Ikoyi

First cardiology consultants proudly acclaim the name by the method and modalities of working and consulting at the centre. It is strictly concern about the state and functionality of the heart, addressing it with recent and modern technologies of world reputation. Obviously, it serves more than “first aid” as it has erroneously branded by an affluent individual who can foot the foreign medical bill. It is located at 20A, Thompson Avenue, Ikoyi, and you can call them on 08035250205 or 08082114266. Just before irrevocable and irrecoverable happen, swiftly ask first cardiology consultant if heart or nerves defect to save yourself and your family.

  • Schubbs Dental Clinics

Living souls is a combination of different morphs compactly arranged to function as a single entity since it has been so, it’ll be a nice and coherent digression if there is provision for tooth or mouth problems. Actually, bad breath is a stigma, subjecting individual less self-esteem hence, becoming a public misfit. Whatever the case of your dental issue, schubbs dental clinics got the answer to it. Though it’s apparent that the clinics is spread across Lagos, however, their centres at Ikoyi will come to play. It is located at 22B Milverton Road, Ikoyi. A foul smell is repugnant and obnoxious while the toothaches are completely discomforting. Get the remedy at the schubbs.

  • Ultimate Eye Clinic

An eye is a sacrosanct sense organ in the body and most time refer to ask the light of the body. Poor vision or impair vision is not worth dreaming of by anybody that still in his or her right senses. Sadly, thousands are out there battling with their vision, how I felt for them? If your case won’t be synonymous with their ordeal, I suggest ultimate eye clinic for you if you notice any changes in the clarity of your vision. Their clinic is located at 26, keffi Street, Ikoyi or call 08033529747 to speak with them.

Their website is, to check out other eye clinic centres and services by the ultimate.

Have thoroughly researched and dug out the key and major hospitals in Ikoyi though with different specialization. This is done to meet the needs of the majority that might perhaps, not interested only in one field of study. In deepening the effect of the article; is open to reviews, comments and suggestions and you can subscribe to our services in making your business digitalized. Ready to help.