Is it widely celebrated and appreciated when an event is colourful and one of its kind, surprisingly, it’s becoming competitive on who have the most glamourized events. For such to happen, the hands of event planners and decoration are solicited for and that’s why I deem it fit to bring to your notice about the top five event planners and decoration in Agbara.

As the day goes by, the “craft” is gaining popularity as almost every event wish to have best of its kind irrespective of the money.  Obviously, in the bid of having the events of their dream, majority decide to borrow so as to achieve the objective, however, the limitation posed by money cannot be underestimated. It is quite unfortunate for anybody to relegate a craft like this particularly when the world is tending towards it because of the limitless opportunities that lie there. Accurate and judicious planning of ceremony or function indispensably needs the help event planners or decoration. Having said this let me unveil few out of the bunch of event planners and decorations in Agbara.

  1. Mcrat concept

It is located at Lusada market, Agbara, Ado / odo ota. They are given to providing the best service as regards event planning to their customers. They are into Event management, Event Decorators, comedy show, event planning presentation, and presentation, in addition to that, they offer education Programmes and computer training.  You can also now attest to it that, they are at the centre of gravity of events. Interestingly, Mcrat concept can handle any events be it child naming, birthday celebration, marriage, just mention. You are secured; for easy access to their service, you can call Mr. Raji on 09032464629.

  1. De Tees Investment

It is situated at 9, Agunbiade Street, Agbara. Unlike its colleagues in the field, it sells security equipment and renders its services but for the sake of this writing, their operations in wholly inscribed in event planning and decorations such as Event Decorations and management, printing services especially agenda or order of programme for any event or related works. If you interested in their service, you can feel free to call 08055086504 or 08099294895

  1. Aigus Nigeria Limited

It’s located at Km 5, Agbara Attan Road, Lasada Igesa, Agbara. At Aigus, they are ordained event planner and manager to the extent that, they are into home setting and other interior services at a reasonably affordable price.  Their service covers event management, event decorator, Household service, Lifestyle, Hiring and rental for an event, water supplier and lot more. You can call 08055309568 or 08055309568 and you will be amazed beyond measure at what they can do.

  1. De Favourite Catering Services

It’s located at 4 Baale Street, Opp Ago Eto central Mosque, Ago-Eto, Agbara. De Favourite is ever ready to make any event they are at its helm appetizing and one of its kind by consciously and conscientiously working round the clock in studying the expecting guest and well-wishers at the event. Just to mention few, they are into cake baking, hall decoration, event planning, and both indoor and outdoor service for various kinds of events such as a wedding, naming, birthday, graduation and lot more. You can call them on 08060654311 or 08088459256. 

  1. Wilmat Enterprises

It’s situated at Medina Estate Ago Oloye, Agbara. They are into Event planning and decoration and renting of canopy, chairs or tables.  You can call them William on 08037055867. They are exceptional in handling any event with years of practicing.

These are the top five event planners and decorators in Agbara that will make the list. This is not done because they liaise with ojasweb but with the intention of providing anybody that might be in need of their service. Although, there are other planners that are omitted from the list just because they lack an online presence. is your rightful partner if you want to be out of the wood and be visibly seen on the internet for any business of your choices.