Agbara is one of the major industrial areas in Ogun state, Nigeria. It is the production site for most of the leaders in the pharmaceutical and food industries in Nigeria. If you’ve not heard about it, the truth is that Agbara has some of the best companies every graduate dreamed to work with. I have been able to tour round the major companies in the area and conduct research about their products, staff, and the management. The result of my findings is what prompted me to write about the top 5 companies in Agbara Badagry.

Actually, the industrial area in Agbara is in Ogun state. However, due to the fact that many people describe Agbara alongside Badagry, I’ve decided to include Badagry in the title. The top 5 companies are selected based on their products, popularity, workforce, salary, and other factors.

Nestle Nigeria PlcNestle Agbara

Nestle is the number one company in Agbara Badagry. The company’s popularity is incomparable to other companies in the region. They are the favorite of most of the graduates, the interns and the skilled workers in the region. Nestle maintain high standards and provides a lot of opportunities for graduates and artisans. Almost every household in Nigeria knows one or more of their products. They are the producer of the family beverage, Milo, and one of the popular seasoning cubes. Nestle has several popular products in the Nigerian consumer market. Nestle is also a multinational companies, and operates in many countries across the world.

They have one of the best career advancement programs for their staff, and they are also one of the highest paying companies in Nigeria. Nestle usually recruit staffs by publishing their job opportunities online for interested candidates to apply and submit their CV.

There are many career opportunities in Nestle however, if you have a degree in food, nutrition and/or health related field, you may secure yourself a good job in the top manufacturing company.

Unilever Nigeria PLCunilever agbara badagry

I guess you never knew that Unilever is also located in Agbara Badagry. Like I said in the earlier paragraphs, there are many big companies in this industrial area. And yes, Unilever is one of them. Some people may rate them as the number one company in the region however; it is based on their preferences. Unilever is situated in a large and conducive environment in the Agbara industrial estate.

They also produce some of the households’ products that are popular across Nigeria and the neighboring countries. Some of their products are; Omo washing powder, Blue band margarine, Close up toothpaste, Vaseline petroleum jelly, Lipton tea, and many other popular products.

Unilever also have great programs that can help employees advance their skills. They are multinational company just like Nestle. If you’re planning to submit your CV to the companies in Agbara, make sure that Unilever is on the top list of selected companies.

GlaxoSmithKline (GSK)gsk agbara badagry

Another major product in the Nigerian market is also produced in Agbara industrial estate. And yes, the products are quite popular just like those mentioned above. GSK, the producer of Panadol Extra and Lucozade energy drink is situated in Agbara Badagry. They are one of the top 5 companies in Agbara Badagry. GSK is directly opposite Evans medical Plc.

The company is one of the top paying companies in Nigeria. They maintain high standard, and provides opportunities for young and vibrant graduates. GSK is also a multinational company.

I was able to relate with some staffs in the company during my SIWES year, and the comment about them are inspiring. They are one of the companies that take employees security very serious. If your dream is to secure a job in a reputable pharmaceutical company, make sure you submit your CV to GSK.

Evans Medical PLCevans agbara badagry

Evans medical plc produces various products including drugs and nutraceuticals. They are the major producer of Glucose D in Nigeria. I was opportuned to work in Evans for three months during my SIWES year. They are one of the top 5 companies in Agbara Badagry.

One of the things I liked about Evans medical Plc is unity among the staff. And the environment is conducive for work. Evans is also a multinational company. There are many opportunities for young graduates in Evans medical plc. If your plan is to secure a job in one of the top pharmaceutical companies in Nigeria, make sure you submit your CV to Evans medical plc, and GSK.

Beta Glass PLCbeta glass agbara badagry

Beta Glass PLC is definitely not the least company in Agbara Badagry. They are one of the top companies in Nigeria. Beta Glass has been in operation since 1970s, and they are still very active today. They are the producer of glass bottles and containers for soft drinks, wine, cosmetics, and pharmaceutical companies. They also exports to over 10 African countries.

These are the top 5 companies in Agbara Badagry. There are several other popular companies in Agbara. However, due to some factors, such as years in operation, opportunities, and employees comments, we cannot include them on the list. Nevertheless, they are good companies on their own.