There are many restaurants in Ikoyi which serve palatable and delicious food of different kinds and races but to reduce the volume of the article, I’ll strictly focus on the top and leading restaurants in Ikoyi providing the address, phone numbers, their websites (if any) and other necessary details on how to reach them as well as the different meals and soup offer and their specialty. Just before I soak-in into the writing, I will like to distance this work from any malicious or baseless statement on whether it is a sponsored or paid article. Nothing like that exists, however, Ojasweb is committed to promoting local business, with this, you can partner with us.

  1. Jumia Food

Does it appear unbelievable that Jumia has a section for food? Of a truth, I was surprised at that and left wondering on their diverseness. The company is popular for delivery of garget of any kind within the terrain of Nigeria and also offers travelling service, making them so relevant to humanity. On their cuisine and food service, they offer different varieties of menus, drinks, soups, swallow, of course, meats and lot more. Jumia food has no kitchen of their own self but partner with reputable and leading eatery across the length and breadth of Ikoyi, making them have several menus on their list. You can only order on this platform and the link for Ikoyi is

  1. Casa Lydia Bistro

 They have more than what you ever dream of eating with a conducive ambience and I’ll not come short of listing some of their tantalizing services at the restaurant. It is located at 19, Glover Road, Ikoyi and you can reach them on 08172001143 or 08172001152 or you can visit their site on (not too sure of the website functionality) Dear readers, here are some of the services I promised to highlight.

  • They have a well and highly demand gamut of drinks comprising of wines, fruit juice. Foreign drinks and lot more.
  • They have nice garnished and appetizing cuisine at an affordable price.
  • They have oriental foods capable of igniting and arousing your tongue nerves at sight.
  • They provide delivery service for consumers that are so engaged by work or those that choose to order without unnecessary delay.
  • They are blessed in cooking menu consumes by Nigerian, American, Barbecue, Burgers, Italian Seafood, Streak and lot more, I’m sure that your taste can’t afford to make the list.
  • There is room for PoS users, Bar and lounge, Brunch and those interested in having a romantic outing at Eatery.
  1. Da Vinci Bar and Restaurant

Da Vinci bar and restaurant is a nice place to recommend for any that have never been to eatery before. Their services are delightfully appeasing with a humorous ambience that positions their drinks and cuisine directly opposite the customer. The influence of the aroma oozing from Da Vinci is powerful than to turn them down. It is located at Lugard Avenue, Ikoyi, Lagos. Just to mention a few out of what Da Vinci does,

  • They have a different menu for both locally and foreigner consumption.
  • Their drinks are uniquely positioned for all to see with a catalogue of different kinds of drinks.
  •  Da Vinci allows a flexible mode of payment either you’re interested in PoS or any other provable modern means of payment.
  1. Liquid Hub

Frankly speaking, I wasn’t interested at the eatery thinking is all about drinks since it is named liquid hub, however, far from my thought, it is exceptionally unique in their cooking style with the availability of both Africa and foreign menus. It is located at 2, Olawale Daodu Street, off Kingsway Road, Ikoyi or you can reach them via this hotline: +2348097776657. Actually, my thought is justified by the fact that, their drinks are “uncountable”, this I said to quantify the diverseness of the investment in crisp and non-alcoholic drinks. Just before I drop Liquid hub, let me state that the ambience of the place is amazing with tantalizing meals, dear, only your tongue can tell the difference.

These are few out of the restaurants in Ikoyi because there are many restaurants that can help offer you satisfactory service you need but have chosen these because of the uniqueness of their services coupled with the online presence they have. However, Ojasweb is committed to promoting local businesses and if you want your business to come to the frontline, you can ask for our help on to place your request, readily available to offer you best service.