Awolowo Road, being the busiest road in Ikoyi, doubled as a centre of commerce hence, making it so popular and even a point of reference, not only to the Ikoyi people but also those that have business around the Road. The fact that the road serves as a business hub cannot be overemphasized, however, I am interested in unraveling the top 4 boutiques in Awolowo Road, Ikoyi. This is done to provide a quick and apt relieve to those that are interested in buying clothes or clothing materials for celebration or ceremony. The latter is what I will refer to as “owanbe” group of people. Here are the top 4 boutiques in Awolowo Road, Ikoyi. For the sake of clarity, there are more than twenty boutiques in the region, however; I considered these four because of their unparalleled services and availability of different kinds of dresses. Here is the list.

  • Wardrobe Boutique

Their experience in beautifying being made them unique with amazing services. It is majorly concerned about boutiques clothing materials with men’s top quality clothing and accessories as the focal point. However, on demand, they help feminine to get the best captivating and stunning dresses from the international scene. It is located at 95, Awolowo Road, Ikoyi or you can reach them on 08055584444 and 08033008055. The addresses above is enough for you to know about them, having good communication skills, appeasing customer’s interaction modules and offering of exquisite designs at affordable prices. Wardrobe boutique rarely sells unfinished clothes but can be of a tremendous and helpful link if that’s your demand.

  • Havilah Clothing and Accessories Ltd.

Just before I delve into what they offer, their home of attires is located at 88, Awolowo Road, besides LG Electronics, South – West Ikoyi. Havilah clothing extensively surveys markets and formulate the taste of customers before pitching her tent. It has finest, adorable and trendy dresses and clothing materials alongside with its accessories such as shoes, bags or even clothing accessories for different occasions and seasons. You can as well reach them on 08033025419 or 08084833778. The next occasion of yours can be a showpiece if you can but only check on Havilah to get the dress or clothes.

  • Cocoon unique

The last word in the “beauty home” succinctly captioned what await you. Did I just say they are unique? Yes, Cocoon unique is pretty unique in getting most knitted, stunning and befitting dresses of any occasions and creating a sparkling atmosphere for dress lovers. It is located at 190, Awolowo Road, Ikoyi, you can also get across by dialing 09096853920.  Trust me, you can’t afford to smile.

  • Designer Club Lagos

Designer Club is mobile with fast response to their customers’ demand, having the ability to travel the whole city (Lagos) to deliver works with a moderately affordable price. It is located at 2nd floor 54, Awolowo Road, Ikoyi, also you can use their working and reachable phone number which is 07055613922. The designer came to be because of their conniving finesse in getting the most appropriate clothing materials for different occasion. It is really good to be looking good has been the central mission of the designer club.

These are the few clothes dealers in Awolowo Road Ikoyi, there are others that are clothes dealers, however, the mentioned four are the point of focus and pretty unique in their services. Ojaswebs is opened to review and you can contact us if you want your own to make the list or perhaps, you are dreaming of coming online, Ojaswebs is the right partner to have.