It is a settled fact that the hair of a woman is their glory and this has made them value it dearly to the extent that just a spot or wrinkle on the hair is severely dealt with. For the sake of people that are interested in giving their hair the optimum care it deserves, I deem it fit to thoroughly research and compile the excelling and reputable beauty salon in Ikoyi.

Assuredly, Ikoyi is a reputable geographical area and classified among the Lagos Island due to the topographical land map of Ikoyi and that has hiked up the cost of living, which directly dictates the caliber of the people that can afford the demand. Therefore, I won’t serve you anything less about the top notch and reputable beauty salon in Ikoyi.

Emile’s Hair Salon

Emile’s salon was established to cater to the beauty of people who appreciate the glitz and glamour associated with dressing up and general grooming. Their head office is located 6, Bank Road, Ikoyi, Eti – Osa, Lagos. You can as well reach them on 07068388822 or 08098836677. Whether you simply want it for the fun that nice and scenic looks attract or you are planning to hang out in adorable style, Emile’s salon is your friend to ask how. Their work includes Make-up Artist, Nail Studio, Eyelash, Haircut, Hair retouching, Cosmetology training, Dreadlock fixing, Haircare treatment and all kinds of hair work.

Da Vogue

They are mafia of human rebranding institute which makes women be more luscious to their spouse. They have been in the business for donkey years (in respect to their colleagues) which have conferred expertise and professionalism on them. Their office is located at 19, Keffi Street, Ikoyi. Their service covers salon offering services for pedicure and manicure, facial treatment, body massage, and hair treatment.    

Savvy and Chic Hair Beauty Hub

The company name has aptly captured the type of services awaiting you. They are 100% savvy, shrewd with practical knowledge. Their office is located at 30 Norman Williams Street, off Awolowo Road, Ikoyi or you can call 08090613325 to ease your journey to beauty palace. Their service is diverse and cut across all section which might be the reason for adding the hub to their name.

These are the top three reputable beauty salon in Ikoyi; they are exceptionally fantastic in braiding different and befitting hairstyle on women. Their love for satisfying their customer has no equal, ready to give the very best to them despite gained popularity in the market.