Lagos is one thousand ways father and different from other states in Nigeria and that has resulted in the uniqueness of the state leading to the wooing effect of major investors in the country to establish their business in the state, despite stringent living conditions for commoners and life expectancy is limited. The role of traffic jam in the city of Lagos cannot be undermined considering the resulting effect on the health and wellbeing of the commuters. That is the reason why I am interested in bringing it to your notice the major motor spare parts sellers in Ikoyi in case of unforeseen breakdown.

Actually, there is no permanent remedy to foreclosing such distraught situation most especially when it left one in a state of colossal confusion since such occurrence is expected, I will bring to the frontline the top 3 motor spare parts sellers in Ikoyi perhaps, you four wheeler might breakdown around an island.

  • Globe Motors

They are a group of committed engineers whose passion is to bring back or resuscitate the “dying” four wheelers back to life by providing its spare parts at affordable price. The years in the business makes the difference as they are apparently versatile and neatly organized when addressing their buyers, with several alternatives on the ground for them to exploit. Globe motor is located at 18c, Lugard Avenue, by Kingsway Road, Ikoyi and you can reach them on any of these lines: 08034100003, +234-14549055, +234-7025774140, +234-8056069828 and +234-802239126. Without a flash of doubting or variableness, I can assure you of the best service you can ever dream of. Others branches are at Victoria Island. However, I’m not perfectly convinced on their technicality on trucks and long vehicles but for easy access and approach before heading to the “resuscitating plant”, you can do well to call and confirm whether your needs can be met.

  • Ineh Mic Holdings Limited

At Ineh, their expertise and lucid forthrightness have brought them before the road users particularly the four wheelers. It is a fact far beyond disputation that, they have successfully carried out their assignments before setting the site for the business. They have different spare parts for diverse kind of motors and help in disposing of “second hand” or “fairly used” motors. Their head office is located at 13, Alfred Rewane Road, Ikoyi Eti-Osa and you can as well contact them on 08023060262 or 08023003656.

  • Waoh Auto

The reason for the exclamation can only be perfectly understood at their office. They are a proud auto dealers having a lot to offer their buyers or customers and at a reasonably affordable price. Waoh Auto is often and fondly refers to “the jeep, the real masterpiece and an introductory price”. Well, their address is not hidden, it is located at 44, Gerrad Road, Ikoyi or you can call them on +234-128736086.

Dear motor users, no need to be perplexed anymore, as I have rigorously traversed and travelled around one of the popular locales in Lagos in order to serve you the top three motor spare parts sellers in Ikoyi. However, I will advise you to wise up when buying because of counterfeit but similar spare parts that have flooded the business. It is reasonable to state that, there are other sellers in this business but I’m keenly interested in the above-mentioned centres because of the useful tips I’m aware of. Finally, Ojasweb is committed to promoting local business; therefore, if you’re interested in our service, don’t hesitate to use the homepage of this site.