In a bid of mitigating diseases and sicknesses reoccurrence, medical doctors often advise the patients to go for routine or regular medical check-up so as to foreclose sickness. Not only that, before any qualified doctor works on a patient he or she must request the patient’s laboratory report. Because of these and other salient points, I’ve taken it upon myself to research and project it to the public, the top three medical laboratories in Ikoyi, stating their address, possibly phone numbers and the services offer at the laboratories.

I strongly believed that a laboratory is an extension of hospital and both are inseparable though laboratories are not conferred to diagnosis or undertake any medical dissection but saddled with the responsibility to detect via the use of machine the target site of the infection or sickness as laid down by WHO and other health bodies, the medical laboratories in Ikoyi that will later make the list will be the type that strictly adhere to the rule.


It is actually a medical centre but incorporated diagnostic works into her service in order to give the best service to their patient. It is located at 8A Bose Enenmoh (Maroko Close) off Inupa off Oyinkan Abayomi (Queen Drive) Ikoyi. Medically, they can handle Expatriates Services, Pediatrician, Physiotherapist, Obstetrician & Gynecologist, Cardiology, Neurology, Dermatology, Ear Nose And Throat (E.N.T), Traumatology, Gastro-Enterology but the attention is on their diagnostic centre which can boast of a well-equipped Laboratory That Provides Basic And Comprehensive Tests, Also With Facilities For Testing/Diagnosing Drug and Alcohol Abuse with functional and guaranteed ambulance service.

You can visit their website for more details


Best care hospital provides radiological, obstetrics and gynaecology, orthopaedic, dental, physiotherapy, ophthalmology, general diagnostic and laboratories work, medical examination tests and surgeries. It is located at 2A, keffi Street, southwest, Ikoyi, Lagos. It is a gathering of doctors at best care with the greatest priority on the conditions of the patient. The interesting thing about best care is that they refer without unnecessary delay debilitating condition that has grown worse beyond what they can handle. You can reach them on 07084111485 or 08090822770 or you can E-mail them at


It is a private hospital with efficient and functioning her diagnostic centre, they are groups of medical personnel which are committed to saving a life by providing qualitative and affordable health care service. At First consultant, the wellbeing of the patient matter most to them and rally round in ensuring that the life is saved at all cost. It is located at 16/24 Ikoyi Road, Ikoyi. Their facilities are awesome with a great deal of fastidiousness. They are medical service include blood banks, blood test, x-ray, and general diagnostic works.

Without bias, there are many hospitals that incorporated medical diagnostic centres into their medical work in line with the ambition of the writer, I’ve considered the listed medical laborites centres in Ikoyi because of their facilities, array of doctors and the clear-cut mission and vision of the laboratories centres. However, you are not entreated to leave your family doctor but it would be a cool alternative in case of emergency to partner with the centres above.