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Badagry is one of the regions in Lagos state that has so many hotels. If I must say, hotel business is one of the major investments in the coastal town. As at the time of writing this article, there are more than 25 hotels in Badagry and its environment. Due to the rapid development and the influx of people to Badagry, it is quite possible for the number of hotels in Badagry go up to about 50 in the next 3 years. You might have come across different lists of hotels in Badagry; however, most of them are not comprehensive enough. I have compiled the list of the top 5 hotels in Badagry for people who love to patronize top class hotels.

Whispering palms

I don’t think there’s any hotel in Badagry that can meet or compete with the standard of Whispering palms at the moment. This top class hotel is one of the oldest hotels in Badagry. It is well-known throughout Lagos. Whispering palms is situated in a reserved environment very close to the lagoon, and few meters away from Iworo town. There are many unique things about the hotel that ranks it well above all the other hotels in Badagry.whispering-palms-resort-badagry-ojasweb

  1. Obviously, it is the biggest hotel in Badagry. It occupies more than 8 hecters of land.
  2. It is the one of the oldest hotels in Badagry.
  3. It has more than 100 rooms for accommodation.
  4. There are different kinds of attractions.
  5. Whispering palms also have speed boats for cruise.
  6. Availability of internet facilities.
  7. Online booking.
  8. Super large parking spaces
  9. Swimming pools and fitness center.
  10. Event center.
  11. Football field and tennis court, and lots more.whispering-palms-resort-badagry

Without saying too much, Whispering Palms is the number one hotel in Badagry. You can visit the place any time for accommodation, meetings, or all kinds of event.

Fams Embassy Suites

Fams embassy is one of the best hotels in Badagry. It is situated opposite Mammy Market, Ibereko. Fams gain its popularity for different reasons. It is very close to the road, and operates all the time. Some of the unique things about Fams embassy are highlighted below: fams-embassy-badagry

  1. It has about 50 rooms for lodging and accommodation
  2. Clubbing every Friday
  3. Online booking
  4. Mobile app for quick reservation and enquiry
  5. Event center
  6. World-class executive suites
  7. Restaurants
  8. Car parking spaces
  9. Accept POS
  10. Gym/fitness center
  11. VIP bar
  12. Swimming pool, and so on.fams-embassy-pool

Sycomore Hotels

The number 3 hotel on the list is one of the oldest hotels in Badagry. It is situated in Ajara-Topa, and established in 1997. Despite the fact that several hotels have been established in this area, Sycomore still remains one of the best hotels in Badagry. Some of the great things that qualify the hotel are:

  1. Modern conference hall.
  2. Lawn tennis court
  • Meeting rooms and Banquet hall
  1. Spacious environment and car parking lots
  2. Modern garden
  3. Restaurants and bar
  • Standby power generator and many more.

These hotels have been thoroughly reviewed and confirmed to be the best in Badagry.