Since the conception of the idea of building shopping mall as a business plaza where different shopping activities can convenient come to play without hindrance has gone viral and make business more competitive. The competitiveness is due to the seemly “egotism” that mostly put forward by the owner of a shop in the shopping mall. Ikoyi is quite expensive to reside, however, the cost of living has not marred the erection of shopping malls or centres in Ikoyi as there are finest and world class of its kind in Ikoyi.

Obviously, the numbers of shoppers increase drastically reason for that is somewhat obscure, however, I assume that the love for shopping Ikoyi and around has greatly increased. This has made many of the malls to remain in the business particularly in Ikoyi.

#1] Ikoyi Shopping Mall

It is the first on the list because of a vast and world-class shopping mall that anchor different shopping. It is located at MacGregor Road, Eti-osa, Ikoyi. It is capacity is astonishing and ranked above other shopping malls within the terrain. At Ikoyi Mall, I can avow that you will get appealing, appeasing and attractive groceries, clothes, shoes and various consumables. You can’t tell what await you until you make it a day and catch the full fun of shopping. The arrangement, car pack, snapping and lottery provision are more than the reasons to be a the mall this weekend.

#2] Falomo Shopping Centre


It is ultra-modern, multi-faceted shopping centre, on Awolowo Road with a stand-out splendor, irresistibly to walk by without being webbed. It is specially designed for Ikoyi and Lekki people and those outside the terrain, the neat arrangement of the different section of the mall is not just amazing but heart melting and capturing. It is located on the popular road of Ikoyi, Awolowo Road, Ikoyi. It has local fashion and boutique, banks, restaurants, books-store and lot more in its commands.

#3] Pees Gallerian Shopping Mall

The list is incomplete if I omit a cantonment of shops and house of different groceries. It is located at 2A, Foreshore Tower, Osborn Road, Shopping Mall Galleria, Ikoyi. It has a full capacity to entertain your monthly salary if you choose to do. At the site, pep gallerian is eye blazing and gargantuan building that comprises of different shops that are capable of dishing the best and trending materials be it consumables or wears.

What then are you waiting for? The fun at any of the mall is extremely pleasant and unquantifiable, make a date with your loved ones and get the secret of long life at the mall. Shopping malls in Ikoyi is a nice place to be particularly after a tiring and enervating work day or planning to hang out on weekend or any special date and get the re-bounce and rejuvenating tactics to living.