Whatever the presumption might be, there are countless beauty salons near or at Agbara however, not all are “professional” but the stand – out, classical and reputable beauty salon near Agbara will be mentioned and written about.  Generally, women believe that the glory of their head is in the braiding of hair into different and befitting style particularly, a style that captures their man’s attention not minding the hours, the cost and the stress to be endured when fixing it. Recently, the hat has leapfrogged, being that Africa women presume that foreign hairstyle is more attractive and gorgeous than local braid which is inferior and shabby. Hence, losing the grid of ours.

Due to unrestraint passion and desire to stun, all feminine that is of age finds their way to salon even though the braid might be of less quality. Funnily enough, ceremonies or functions are now fast becoming beautiful parade where everybody wants to be dignified. These and other factors have made them more relevant in these days. They are:

  • Beautybytee Y Makeup Artist and Bridal Hairstylist.

It is a home for every woman as their satisfaction is in changing the look of their customers. Beautybytee is always at top of her game as she conscientiously strives to brand and awake the slumbering radiance in them. They are located at 17, Igboelerin Road, Lasu Ojo which is 10km away from Agbara. They are into:

  • Makeup Artist
  • Hair Salon
  • Tanning Salon
  • Training Salon School

Apart from their relentless effort which I geared towards impressing their customers, they also embark on home service for any of their customer that cannot endure the stress of traffic jam at affordable service. Beautybytee School of salon – “Training salon” is one in thousand as it offers outstanding and entirely inclusive training to their students. Her passion is to make them the finest hair stylist.

  • Bimbsy Beauty Affairs

Without gainsay, it truly a beauty affair. They are passionately engrossed in making their customers the finest woman she could ever dream off. The office is situated at 125 Ilogbo Road, Hotel Bus stop Ajangbadi Ojo which is about 9 km away from Agbara. Their services cover:

  • Beauty salon
  • Hair Salon
  • Spa, beauty and personal service
  • Training school

These are the only two that aptly suit the caption. However, as said earlier, there are many beauty and hairdo in Agbara within its province. Having listed the two, you might ask, how convincing their services are? Let me submit to you, there is no amount of “hype” or explanation that can felicitously serve you right but a day with them will invariably turn you to their advertiser. Looking good is priceless, strive to be!!!