Evidently, Agbara is endowed with the abundance of most rated guest house and hotels due to large and active industries that have colonized the environment. Why there are guest house and hotels? Obviously, most employers and employees off from work on weekend and often visit guest house and hotel to relax or chill after working days and this has built up to what we have now, as there are exquisite and most rated guest house and hotels in Agbara though some are not up to the standard and been branded as guest house and hotels which I referred to as “things”. This will be clarified later.

Guest house and hotel are mostly reserved for august visitors or sojourners as it has clearly stated by the name. However, many are longing to chill and have some funs at guest house and hotels and as positively fueled the astronomical increase in the numbers of the guest house not only in Agbara alone but across the federation.

The article will cover most rated guest house and hotel in Agbara as there are many “things” that are tagged as guest house hoping to woo their customers by camouflaging with the name. They are true “things” because some of them are minimarts, shops, outlets and even food joints which are ignorantly referred to as a guest house.  Such are exclusively omitted from the list, having missed their true identity. To avoid bulkiness, few will be considered, the list goes thus:

  • Blue Net Restaurant Bar

It has its base at Agbara, Lagos – Edu Road, Edu Secondary School Igbesa. Fixed charge per night is #2400

  • The Bestom Guest House

Their address is No 1, close, Agbara. The charge per night is #3,000

  • De Danny Hotel

It is located at 11 zone A, church gate, Igbala, Agbara. A night is charged #1,500

  • House to Hotel

It can be found in 2, Elishadia Street, Agbara. The amount charged per night is #4500

  • Alarco Hotels and Suites

It located at Plot 1 Block J, Area 4, Opic Estate Agbara Estate, Lagos, Agbara; it opens every day and operates 24 hours. Cheapest booking price is #15, 000.

  • Villarosa Hotel and Suite

It is located at 12 villarosa street Morogbo, Lagos, Agbara. The least booking price is #3,500

  • Malibu Garden Hotel

It is situated at 1 Ring road, Odem Agbara Industrial Estate and the cheapest room is #8,250

  • Prestigious Chief Richardson of America Hotel

It is situated at plot 4, Block 32, Area 5 Opic, Estate Agbara Iperin Gate Bus Stop. Agbara, the cheapest room in the hotel is #3,000

Above listed hotels and guests have common peculiarities which include:

Provision of motor-pack-space for their client

  • Uninterrupted power supply
  • Guaranteed security
  • Space for relaxation and sporting activities
  • Banned smoking cigarettes or any inimical inhalant
  • Flexibility in their charges and maximum of two occupants
  • Committed to ensuring tranquility within hotel’s premise and lot more

The list is in no particular order with an omission of some hotels, just to avoid bulkiness. Having said that, it will amount to unreasonable adventure if one disputes the fact that Agbara is endowed with standard and befitting hotels and guests. Your eyes will fail to express the beauty of these gigantic and well– structure setting. I kindly advise that you go there with a spare of an eye if possible.