Buy & Clear Your Car

You could save up to 10% if you hire a French speaking and professional negotiator to help you buy your next car.

This article comprises of the procedure for buying car from Cotonou as well as some critical warnings to take note of so as to avoid major mistakes many people make when trying to buy and import cars from Cotonou, Benin Republic. Just so you know, i live in Badagry and I’ve seen so many people having issues with car import because they never take not of some critical issues.

Cotonou exchange rate

So many people go to Cotonou to buy car because the prices of cars in Cotonou are believed to be more cheaper than that of Nigeria. No doubt, you can buy great cars in Cotonou at ridiculously low price, however if you don’t understand their currency and the exchange rate to Nigerian Naira, you might end up buying cars that are way more expensive than when you buy them in Nigeria.


Highlighted below are some of the recommendations for you:

  • Use currency converter app to learn about their exchange rate to Nigerian Naira.
  • Talk to people that understand their currency very well.
  • Ask for selling price of the car in Nigeria.
  • Don’t rely 100% on the prices listed on sites because some are just promo price. Ask from real person or dealer.

Import routes/borders

If you’re not familiar with the routes to import cars from Cotonou to Nigeria, i strongly encourage you to do proper research to find out which route/border is safer. Obviously, no border is safe for cars without complete paperwork. So if you’re considering smuggling cars, you have to be prepared to go the rough way. However if you have all the paperwork, you can ply any of the routes that are closest to your destination.

  • Notice! it is advisable not to import your car if you notice some border unrest.
  • Choose a trustworthy driver.

Go to Cotonou

The biggest mistake you wouldn’t want to make is to allow someone to buy “anyhow” car for you. My uncle made this mistake back in 2013 when he hired someone to go buy car from Cotonou without going with him. During the initial discussion, they agreed on buying a Toyota SUV, however the buyer came back with Mitsubishi SUV and started convincing him to accept the it. This is not uncommon among the “greedy” dealers who want to meek people dry because they wanted to import cars.


  • Go to Cotonou and check the car before buying.
  • Take a neutral person that knows car very well along to inspect the car. Added advantage if the person understands French.
  • Do not let anyone convince you to buy against your will. Always go for your choice.
  • Don’t reveal your total budget.

Do the paperwork and get custom import duty

In order to avoid problems while importing your car to Nigeria, it is highly recommended for you to do the duty. This stage is very important. With valid paper and import duty, you can import your car any time without a single issue. If you don’t know much about custom import duty, make sure you look for experienced person to do it for you.

Notice! import duty might make the cost of your car to be equivalent or even more than what it would cost if you buy it in Nigeria. In order to avoid this situation, make sure you look for trustworthy person with success record.

Final note

Don’t let your emotion control you when buying a car. Be patient and do proper research before buying. I wish you good luck as you go ahead in buying your dream car.

I didn’t mention in the body of this post that we do help people to buy car from Cotonou because i don’t want to distract you from reading. Ojasweb is partnered with 5 regular and trustworthy car importers in Badagry, and we can help you buy your car fast and secure. Contact us on +2348060380375 or +2348078440640

See Cost Estimate For Some Cars

To help you get the idea of what it cost to buy a car from Cotonou, i will share the expenses for some of our recent purchases, including price for the custom duty, clearing and other expenses. Note that the prices below are might change depending on the current exchange rate at any giving time. For updated price for your choice car, please contact us.

  • Sienna 2006 (Car price 2.7m Naira. Custom duty 280k Naira. Flying and other expenses 120k)
  • Ford edge 2006 (Car price 3.8m Naira. Custom duty 400k Naira. Flying and other expenses 200k)
  • Highlander 2012 (Car price 4.4m Naira. Custom duty 480k Naira. Flying and other expenses 230k)
  • Lexus RX350 2008 (Car price 3.7m Naira. Custom duty 350k Naira. Flying and other expenses 150k)

NOTE: Prices could change at any time due to exchange rate.