Agbara is a home to both local and foreign businesses making it a hub and invariably led to many wholesale stores springing-up in Agbara. To avoid voluminous and bulky list, the article will focus on the most patronize wholesale stores in Agbara. The stores are ranked on the parameter of versatilities, varieties, and level of the verity of their goods.

Obviously, no store will make it a habit to be selling expired products or goods to their customer as that can debacle their reputation. In the same vein, Most patronize wholesale stores in Agbara key to this golden principle not only that but meticulously search out about-to-expire goods so to constantly affirmed their integrity.

Most patronize wholesale stores in Agbara provide helpful tips on the right demands of goods by their customers and often than none restock and upgrade the stores as need be. Been wholesale stores, the price of goods is pretty embarrassing as the goods are quite affordable by retailers or immediate customers. Other unique services will be highlighted when the listing begin alongside necessary information about them. Sit back and enjoy the listing.


This where the best choices are made on the basis of your financial buoyancy, it perfectly fit-in into the caption above and has one of the best and modern pricing modality with enticing and capturing arrangements of goods on the shelf. It is located at 13, Oshifekun Avenue, Moroga, Agbara. Their goods are of best quality and affordable, therefore, itemizing them is needless. Visit them and buy beyond your carrying capacity.


From the name, they are into distribution of Jago milk, however, has interest in other goods just their brand name is tag Jago. It is located at RCCG Rose of Sharon Agbara, a stone throw from Agbara police station. They sell 5g and 15g sachets and even more at wholesale price. You can contact them on 07032166936 0r 08063186730.


Maggy store is specially arranged to suit the customer’s taste, the goods are neatly and apparently visible in the glass. It is mainly into Beverages, Grocery, Provision Stores, Stores, Livestock, Agriculture & Farms, Goat, Puppy, etc. at an affordable and wholesale price. It located at Obada Estate Road, Agbara. You can contact their representative in the person of Margret Oni on 08139759636.

Walk up to any catch the bliss of buying in wholesale. It is an experience you wish having, buy in bulk, saves money!!!