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Before i go ahead and talk about it in details, let me call your attention to the following points:

  • NNU now pay for REFERRALS only. No more sponsored post earnings or activity earnings.
  • NNU is a media platform which stands for “Nigerian News Update”
  • NNU is designed to empower active social media users
  • NNU is the fastest growing media company in Nigeria
  • Over 50,000 active members, and counting.
  • Office is located in Lagos, and it is part of the G-cyber company.

Having listed the above points, it is time to give you more information about the platform, how it works and how you too can join.

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How the platform operates is pretty similar to the video above. And to help you better understand the system, i have created another video which explains the available membership packages.

I encourage you to watch the video to have a better understanding and discover how you too can benefit from it.