It is quite frustrating and devastating when four-wheelers have a fault unexpectedly, and hurriedly when the owner is up to meet-up with an appointment or something crucial. Actually, there is no permanent remedy in forestalling such distraught occurrence but it is a safe and laudable approach when car owners have a refuge. This is what the article is aimed to address by providing the motorist that resides or operates around Agbara, badagry or its environs the best five mechanic artisans in Agbara.

Though, acquisition of land remains the major threat to this work, because of its nature yet few are operating at reasonably and fairly capacity. Securing or buying a parcel of land in Agbara is like war. Did you think of the why? The “why” is not a puzzle or mystery, therefore, the simple answer to that is the value that the industries in Agbara have placed on land. Above all, with this disturbing and wearisome factor, we still have few that engage in the work and they are:

  1. Raphael Auto Mechanics

Actually, one will expect them to have a say on every motor irrespective of its kind. Well, your expectation is right but Raphael focuses mostly on private cars or commuters which is the bedrock of transportation in Lagos. In the bid to satisfy their customers, they have a range of services like:

  • Undertake home service, though with terms and conditions
  • Provision of a trunk to toe damage motors especially in a deplorable condition.
  • Their office is located at 1, Adebayo Street, Oko – Afo, Badagry and you can call them for on 07030640899

Get in touch with them today and you will overwhelmingly be amazed at their services.

  1. Kayode Mechanic.

Kayode mechanic has enjoyed the benefit of transparency and unsoiled integrity in the face of money. He values his integrity by strictly adhering to the terms agreed on by their customers. Their office is located at Mosalashi Bus-stop, Badagry Expressway or you can them on 08034094663. Guess what? Kayode has more than you ever dreamed of, try them out once and you can tell the difference.

  1. Francis Auto Engineering Works

No much to say to convince the readers, but it needful to state that, their engineering work is at the top of the roof by providing the most appropriate engineering work. Their office is located at Badagry way, Agbara Ado/odo, or you can call 07045206347 or 08085113103. They can handle:

  • Auto Mechanics
  • Structural Engineering
  • Auto Services
  • Japanese car repairer
  • Peugeot car auto mechanic
  • Auto mechanic training etc.

Trust me; your car-case can’t be irreparable

  1. Ibrahim Auto Engineering works

Their mechanic works have beaten the wind and test of time and have amazingly beaten other nearby auto mechanics.  Their workplace is located at Badagry expressway Agbara Bus stop Ado/Odo or you can contact 08095667343. Their services include

  • Auto mechanics
  • Japanese car repair and lot more.
  1. Turner investment

Turner investment, it invested heavily in spare parts and repairing of the motor with diverse knowledge in handling different motors spec but also specialized in some kinds of the motor. They’re located at 4, Ajibade Street, Badagry, Agbara or you dial 08139355905 for more details.