There are several markets in Agbara; this article will not fail to address all the major markets in Agbara by providing its readers with the address of the market, the prevalent commodities that are trading in the market and perhaps, the uniqueness of the market. Though, I will be focusing on the major markets in Agbara in respect to their landmass cover, variety and diversity of the market and most importantly, the quality and affordability of goods in those markets. Here are the markets that will make the list.

  1. Lusada Market

It’s a popular market for Igbesa people who really do not have time to market because of farming work but has been a hub for many people particularly, people from Badagry, Cotonou, Idiroko as well as northerners and those around Agbara. It’s located along Attan-Agbara Road, just after God’s will Medical centre or you can follow Crawford university guest house, and just before you get to God’s will medical centre, you’d have heard of its “torrential” transactional and bargaining sound.

What is unique about the market?

It is a periodic market that holds every five days interval, aim at bringing different shoppers that at close to the market square for commercial purpose. The periodicity makes it unique and absolutely appropriate for selling farm produces that are sometimes perishable and other perishable goods, giving the buyers with fresh produces since such goods will be at readily available at the market.

Also, the uniqueness is not only in the days of marketing but a cool and interactive avenue from different races to come together hence, building synergy and promoting national unity. Frankly speaking, the goods at Lusada market is favourably affordable and house diver kinds of goods, not only farm produces.

  1. Vespa Market

It’s located just before Total filling station Badagry Expressway, Agbara. The market is popular and never been hidden to the majority. Vespa market provides a suitably busy landmark for different enterprises to operate though, the competitions at the market, are at top-notch, however, it has no comparison with the formal market, however, the goods are cheap and affordable.

These are the two markets in Agbara that will be discussed, however; other markets exist but can’t meet up with the standard of the article.