There is nothing that is as destructive apart from Natural disaster as the use of poor or substandard electrical materials, be it in wiring, home appliances or for office use.  In order to mitigate the occurrence of the fire outbreak in a key place like Agbara that is vital to the state economic policies and source of revenue to the state and Nigeria at large. It is reasonable to consider Major Electrical and Electronics Appliances handlers or company in Agbara, owing to the sensitivity of the work.

The truth be told, there are many electricians and if their number is anything to go by, this article will fail to document that, however, few have been selected on the basis of the quality of their products, track-record, certification and many more. Also, the article is far from relegating anybody practicing it but to provide its reader, a save and credible platform on where to get electrical appliances of their choice and to contribute positively on the reduction of fire outbreak which poor appliances have been proven to be the major cause.

  • Comestar Cable and Wire Manufacturing Company

The company is situated at C21/4 Afam Road, Agbara Industrial Estate, Agbara. They are mainly concerned about electrical appliances especially cable and wire with great tensile strength. The company manufactures:

  • Aluminum cable,
  • Copper cable,
  • Lightning,
  • Switch,
  • Sockets and
  • Quality Wires and Cables

With branches all over the country. Other products are XLPE insulated cables, flexible copper cables and cords, consumer connection aluminum cables, armoured and non-armoured auxiliary (control) cables. Their works have been tested and proven to be reliable and pretty safe when wiring or any other electrical work. Actually, it is a company and the goods are sold at wholesale’s price, but there is room for partnership with a certified individual who might be interested in selling their products. You can visit their website for more details.

Apart from the company mentioned, here are the few but exceptional handlers.

  • Jude Chris: He has his base at Iyana-era, Agbara. The Jude is phenomenally unique and ever conscious of the disastrous effect of poor installation or wiring, this makes them stand out and not only that, remains always on duty electrician. You can contact him on 07019738867 for any detail or info.
  • Prince John: is more or less like his “brother” Jude in his the workmanship. It is situated at 46, Ibiye badagry Lagos, Agbara. His works speak volume about them. You can contact him on

However, the handlers are without number in Agbara but it is much more necessary to focus on the company that produces the product, why is that? Because, if the foundation is destroyed, nothing is left for the repairer or handlers. Finally, you can contact this company if you want standard and tensile electrical appliances in Agbara and have a safe wiring.