For an event to be memorable and linger in the heart of the celebrants and wishers, the need for an event planner is prerequisite. It is therefore, to provide the populace with the major event planners in Dolphin Estate, Ikoyi to those that reside there or anybody that need their services.  I chose the place of the catalogue of great and finest event planners that are in Dolphin Estate, though I can’t cover all the terrain of the Estate in surveying event planners yet I will bring to the frontline the major event planners with tremendous and awesome services deliver in their office.

  1. MSJ Events and Marketing Limited

The company priority is to deliver quality and widely acceptable services that will aptly suit their customers’ demand. For easier explanation, their focus has been to satisfy their clients or customers’ taste by giving the very best service to them and at an affordable price. They specialize in corporate event planning, conferences, galas night, fashion and trades shows, fund-raising coordination, conventions, anchoring programmes and events, deploying most appropriate marketing strategies and lot more. Simply put, they are intricate of wholeness to humanity by making an event more appetizing and colourful. The address is at suite 85, Dolphin Estate, Ikoyi and you can reach them on 08050390263 or 08035648885.

  1. Sooge Regal Concept

Sooge Regal Concept is uniquely different in the manner of approach to the event, it focuses essentially on making a difference to every occasion she managed. The years they have been in the business of is written boldly on their forehead, having diverse tactics and measures to exhilarate the audience beyond what they might be expecting. Sooge Regal Concept manages and plans a wide range of events even starting from conception to the time of the event; they are perfectly able to manage it. It’s located at Dolphin Estate, Ikoyi or can do well to reach them via 08171010753, or their website

  1. Bespoke Event Management Company

Bespoke Event Management and Company is prolific with a great sense of humour. It’s a high profile event and decorating company with years of experience in handling the different occasion.  Bespoke decorates event centres with full consideration of the type and calibre of attendees, type of events, the themes and the nature of the client. They also have a beautiful and colourful wide range of floral for décor or bouquets and can effectively manage events like birthday, wedding, house-warming, a celebration of success or coronation and etc. The company is located in 171B Ikeja way, Dolphin Estate, Ikoyi. You can as well contact them on 08140000690 or 09030001793.

  1. Vanessa Blossom Services Limited

Vanessa Blossom Services Limited is adequately ready to cause a spark in your event or celebration because their services are 100% pretty delightsome and make the event centre blissful. They are enormously equipped to handle any kind of events including securing spacious and well-organized event centre for the celebrants, though, your pocket comes to play here. Vanessa Blossom bakes cake, cooks, organize, set, and ultimately coordinate every aspect of the event. Their office is located at 70B Itafaji Street, Dolphin Estate Ikoyi and you can call them on 08145920070

  1. Kiddies Circus

The list is incomplete without provision for the kids that are lover of exceptional and classic event’s decoration, if your kid falls into this category, the best handler for that birthday celebration is the kiddies circus. They specialize in handling or managing under-ages events such as birthday, special outing, graduation from one class in school to another or any related merriment about the kids. The Kiddies circus “are kids and for the kids”, however, they manage and plan bigger events such as wedding, naming, house-warming, coronation, conferences and etc but focus more on the kids. Make the next celebration of your kid fantastic by subscribing to the kiddies circus, located at 57B, Lafiaji Street, Dolphin Estate, Ikoyi or you can reach out to them on 08093000047 or 08056630800. Stop shortchanging your child’s interest, the kiddies circus is there to help at an affordable price.

These are the top and major event planners in Dolphin Estate Ikoyi. Though, there are others in the business that the article fails to mention, however, is opened to promoting your business by the power embedded in internet, therefore, if you feel inconvenient and discontented by omitting yours, kindly reach out to us and you’ll be amazed at the wonders at partnering with us.