It is crystal clear and far above disputation that Nigerians’ penchant for the phone has no rival in the continent. Did you muse? It is expected of you. In tandem with the proposition, that has brought unprecedented eruption in the phone market and patronage level. Agbara as a case study has many phone dealers like other parts of the country but the busiest and major phone dealers in Agbara will be favoured in this article. Why the upward momentum in the market?

There should be a means to an end in a country like Nigeria if one does not want to end up in the prison. In pursuance of this, men have craftily device means of surviving either by active involvement or liaising. Whatever might be the case, the birth of phone dealers and its appliances has grown far and wide in the country as super spec emerges unpredictably and almost spontaneously. Agbara has her own record in the field as it has become home for phone dealers, however, I will strictly focus on the busiest and major phone dealers in Agbara, because some are selling substandard, bastardize and tampered specs to the customers.

As a good friend, it is needful to state that, there are many phone dealers that are out there, dissuading their customers either by their good and fair communication skill, nice and “harmless” approach or outwitting them. Such dealers of detestable habit are out of the squad, also, the wheelbarrow pushers that are selling phone are exclusively omitted from the article but for clarity sake, I am not referring to them wolf amidst the herd. Let the counting begins:

  1. T S Nigeria Venture

It is has its base at No 16, Commissioner Street, Oko-Afo, Badagry Agbara road. They have been into the business for years which has directly earned them strong business acumen and familiarity with phone and related devices. Their office focuses on Mobile phone and its accessories, Energy, computer hardware, batteries, Electronics and lot more. This work will fail me cannot contain what they have for you. You can contact them on 07069664039 or 07042223937, just ask of Oluwaseun Abiodun.

  1. Bencomm Communication

From the tag of the company’s name, if not communication, it is sometimes lesser. They are mainly dealing with telecommunication appliances and related devices. Their office is situated at 14, Yinka Street, Agbara Estate, Agbara, this is where the latest beat in the industry is heard. Try them and kindly give me feedback. Their business encompasses Mobile Phone of different and latest spec, Repairing of Phone and slot. You can contact Mr. James as the spokesperson on 08181927861 or 08034059545

  1. Okoye’s Communication

With close modus operandi with Beacomm communication, it is wholly interested in the phone and related devices. Their office is located at communication shop cococola junction Agbara. They sell Mobile phone, computer hardware, computer accessories, elevators sales, and services, etc. you can as well contact them on 08136535707. I assure you that wishes will be meant.

  1. God’s Grace GSM Palace

Here, it is truly a palace of buying and repairing mobile phones, computer, and digital configured device. They are supposed to be called “digital diagnostic centre” because their works speak couple with the fear of God when dealing with their customers. It is into the selling of Mobile phone, Mobile phone repairs, computer, and repairing, accessories of different kinds. Their office is found at km 32, Badagry Expressway, Agbara. You can as well call them on 08181851443, just ask of bright.

  1. Ozibo Ventures

Ozibo venture is quite entertaining and unique in approaching their customers, having vast and experienced “digital’s doctors” ready to get that disturbing rat out of the cupboard of their customer’s phone. They also sell quality and reliable Mobile phone, case, Accessories, Memory card etc. Their office is located along Badagry Expressway Agbara. You can contact them on 08105117727 for further enquiry.

The listed offices have fantastic packages and most recent phone products in the phone market. It amounts to tautology if one echo again their reliability and their influence in the market. Dear reader, get the next phone from any of these major five phone dealers in Agbara and at an affordable price. A lot is embedded in the mobile phone; you can’t avoid having one.