Obviously, in this part of the world, majority aim to have a shelter which they often count as the second biggest threat to living after food. I stand in line with them particularly when Agbara is considered. Generally, Agbara is popular for having a lot of companies in her register, this has made it herculean to build for either personal, official or family use.

Even at that, there are many estate management consultants centres in Agbara which are soiled with integrity and unquestionable character. You ask how do I know. The remarks of those that have partnered with them are enough to convince any ready mind. However, there are unscrupulous individuals who have employed “Iscariot’s tactics” in extorting and deceptively exploring their clients. How I felt for them?

Notably among the Estate management consultant centres in Agbara will be discussed and back it up with complimentary remarks from the presumed horse mouth. They are:

  • Shalom Shelter Solution Limited

It is truly a solution forum for aspiring landlord or landlady, their office is located at 19. Pabe street, Oko–Afo Badagry Agbara, it is easy to spot.

They are opened to assist their clients on:

  • On-site investigation before and even when the construction is on-going.
  • Creating strong and indisputable alignment between the land owner and the buyer.
  • Free of dubious act and intolerant of any misconducts.
  • Their service is affordable with optimum consideration for the client’s plight.
  • Helps in guiding their clients in obtaining the certificate of occupancy (C/of/O) and fast-track the process.
  • Undertake thorough assessment before embarking on erecting any structure.
  • Ensure that all details are obtained before any construction is done.
  • True Vain Property

True vain property one of the vindicated real estate agent in Nigeria. It has worked with all and sundry, leaving them with a memorable encounter. Their office is located 4, Unity Estate, Ijanikin, Badagry, Agbara. Interestingly, it shares similar traits with shalom shelter just that it has a legal provision in case of necessity and those that want to sell a landed property. What an offer? True vain observe all laid down protocols of Real Estate Management in Nigeria and never in hurry to partner with anybody particularly when his dealings is yet to be perfectly discerned.

  • Ketab Nigeria Company Limited

It is approved and certified real estate management whose records speak louder than an advertisement. They have been in the business for years and capable of handling any land grabber with a wealth of experience. No room Machiavellian deals, transparently honest with their clients.

Is ketab different from the aforementioned real estate management? No, they cross all t and dot all i when contracting with their subscribers. Their office is located at km 32, Badagry Expressway, Agbara.

Dear aspiring landlord or landlady, be extremely careful who you partner with when you want to build that house of your dreams because there are countless bunch of miscreants out them, lurk to swindle you of your hard earned money. For those that are in Agbara and its environs, you can choose to check the mentioned agents if you don’t want to be webbed in their mischief. My gain is your joy, therefore, heed instructions. It is not a must to have that land if there are unresolved controversies. “Have an Eagle’s eye and refuse to be fooled. Thanks me later.