Paga is a mobile and fast method of sending or withdrawing money without being to the commercial bank before accessing your cash. Presumably, it can be said that there is no paga agent in Ikoyi due to the fact that, the people residing there are not struggling to pay rent. Such proposition is far from the truth as it has evidently seen that there are lots of paga outlets in Ikoyi but the most efficient and reliable paga outlets in Ikoyi, Lagos will be subject to discussion.

Their efficiency is measured by the speed or spontaneity of cash transaction, not only that, degree of transparency and location of the outlets. The writer has no ill intention to discredit any outlet but with the objective of providing the nicest place for the readers to have their transaction done.

  1. G and G Global Services

Actually, there are limitations to their global capacity claim; maybe their vision is to globally have their emissary. It is located at 109A Awolowo Road, Ikoyi. They are unique in dealing with their clients and offer an efficient and reliable service at G and G global services. Though there are other transactions on but the article is focused on the paga outlet.

  1. King Pharmaceutical and Supermarket

It’s located at 77b POWA shopping complex, Falomo, Ikoyi. It is a multi-facet venture that is into pharmaceutical, supermarket, money transaction and computer work. For the sake of the article, I will focus on the paga activities that is pretty efficient, reliable and one of the leading outlet among the agents. Their work is satisfactory and has relatively huge capacity to cash in or out.

  1. Medplus Pharmacy

Medplus has additional services like the venture just above it. It is located at 31, Keffi Street, Ikoyi, Lagos. Its notability is borne out of their efficiency, accuracy, and reliability in handling customer’s money; also, they have a forthright track record with an appealing and welcoming approach to their customers.

  1. Akuba Ventures

Akuba venture is a nice place to transact like others because of ever available expertise with any record of financial recklessly. It is located 111, Awolowo Road, Ikoyi. Their service appropriately keys to the caption above and sells other things at the venture, please, get extra cash on you before setting out because you will be tempted to buy other things they are selling.

  1. Morning Glory Cards and Gift

It’s always morning glory with their gifted bemusing and overwhelming ever smiling face wear to approach a customer. It is located at 124, Awolowo Road, Ikoyi, Lagos. They do other things with paga work but none disturb one another at Morning Glory. Did I tell you that the conduciveness and serenity of the place are enough reasons to make you transact more than what you intended, you giggle? Actually, it does.

Dear reader, you can get your transaction done at any of these or any place of your choice, however, this is just a tip for you so that you won’t be duped. They are quite efficient and reliable paga agents in Ikoyi. Though there are others, I can only speak for these. Have a nice transaction at any, and laugh