The demand for computer literates in both government and private settings is unquantifiable as every business owner wants to be represented online and this has positively led to the buying of the device and consequently, increases the numbers of its stores. Computer accessories stores in Agbara are many with a lot of fantastic customer’s package. Frankly speaking, not all the stores are well stocked and have varieties of computer accessories but the leading and complex stores will be briefly discussed.

It is a true saying that we are in “Jet age or Computer age” as millions of information emerges on daily basis and the only means of accessing them is to have a computer or related devices. Obviously, one will be irrelevant and obsolete if he disregards the power of computer.

You might be tempted to ask why there are many computer accessories stores in Agbara, the simple answer to that is the presence of industries, classical private schools, home of sagacious and erudite industrialists and geographically, the location of Agbara with a network road to Badagry, Trade-fair and Electronics market called “Alaba Market”. Without much ado, let me begin the unveiling of computer accessories stores in Agbara.

  1. Osasmega Nigeria Limited

Osasmega Nigeria limited is a popular store that is mainly into Computer Accessories, computer hardware, Laptop Accessories, Computer, Laptop Charger, Internal Hard Disk, USB Cord and lot more. The store is located at 34, Agbara Estate, Badagry Expressway, Agbara, Ado Odo/Ota, Ogun, Nigeria. You can contact Osas which is their PRO on 08106745125.Some of their peculiar features are:

  • It has consistent provision for point of sale (POS) payment method in case they are not with cash.
  • Their products are quite reliable and provision of warrant for returning the goods within the ultimatum time.
  • They prioritize customer service and give helpful tips on how to use the accessory in case, the customer is a novice.
  • They have offline service that is, their customers have unlimited chances to call them if he need be.
  • Their goods and services are favourably affordable
  1. Okoye’s Communication

The “okoyes” is known for the relentlessly effort towards satisfying their customers. Their penchant for computer hardware and accessories is like no other in that the store is always decorated with recent, useful and appropriate gadgets majorly Mobile Computer Hardware, Computer Accessories, Phone, Elevators Sales & Services, Mobile Phone Accessories, Laptop, Mobile Phones. The store is located at communication shop, Cococola junction, Agbara Badagry, Lagos Nigeria. You can contact them via 08136535707. Other packages are:

  • Affordability of products with genuine evidence of its span.
  • Give compelling and useful advices to their customer on what they need most.

Patronize them to experience other nice services they are up.

  1. Ray communication And I T Solution

Ray communication and I T Solution is truly a solution and diagnostic centre for computer and related devices. It is located in Km 32, badagry expressway, Agbara bus-stop Lagos. The company is mainly into Computer Accessories, computer hardware, computer repairs and services and computer troubleshooting, Laptop Repair. Feel free to contact them on 08035641331


  1. Hils Ventures

Hill ventures are also one of high rated computer stores that is chiefly into computer accessories, computer hardware, mobile phone and its accessories, and sale of laptop, computer, mobile phones. There office is along Badagry Expressway Agbara, Lagos. You can contact them on 08105451282 for further details.

  1. Slot

Agbara slot centre is located at Km 13, Agbara Express way, De sholly Bus stop, Odofa, Agbara, Lagos. Slot is not a strange centre to lover of phones, computer and their accessories. They are embodiment of electronic gadgets, with a lot to offer. Apparently, slot operation is by exchanging fairly used or half damaged gadgets from their customers and giving them a brand new one. However, their service extends more than exchanging but has given room to accessories and buying new one entirely. Visit them to see what they have on site for you.