The quest for knowledge is on an exponential increase and badagry is in no exception to this as there is proliferation in book stores in badagry recently. Being suburb of Lagos, share border with the Republic of Benin and acclaimed cradle of origin for the Lagosian, might probably be the reasons for drastic changes seen in bookstores in badagry. The most striking thing in the upturn of badagry’s bookstore is the array of different books that are used to decorate their store with capturing titles and world class package. They include inspirational books, motivational books, religious books, educational books, exciting stories and compiled myths. Badagry bookstores have experienced dynamic and great success as against the bankruptcy it was earlier known for, this might due to the assumed increase in demand of different books and insatiable passion of the people to be informed and be relevant.

There are many bookstores in badagry but the notable and major ones will be discussed in this article, their notability is pivotal on the variety of books at their store, accessibility, catalogue protocols, customer care relationship and vast affiliation. The first on the list is:


The store has evolved appreciably in years-bye. It was scorned for its shabby displayed but has taken a fantastic look that can glue the mind of their customers. The store is located along Lagos – Badagry Expressway. Everyday Books Nigeria Limited is also known for working in shopping; Book stores and news-stands activities. You can contact the company by email at and opens from 7am to 7pm


 This is second on the list because of its nice location and stand-out arrangement of books on the shelf which make it easier to scan through without much ado. It is located along Inspectorate road, Badagry, it is also known for working in shopping; Book stores and news-stands activities similar to the first on the list.

For further enquiries, call +234812 845 6335; Ready to offer the nicest service.


Alfred book shop is a nice and convincing that one will love to partner with because of their exquisite arrangement and conducive environment. It can be found in, Ajara, Dokohme road, Badagry. Alfred Book Shop is working in Shopping, Book stores and newsstands activities.

For further enquiries, call +234807 765 2379.


Dominion Bookshop is located at Lagos – Badagry Expressway, Badagry. It is also working in Shopping, Book stores and newsstands activities



It is situated at Ajara, Dokohme road, Badagry, it is into Shopping, Book stores and newsstands activities however, major in books selling. For further enquiries, call +234708 535 6630.


Blessed folly investment is located at 29, Ajara Dokohme road, Badagry. Blessed Folly Investment is working in Shopping, Book stores and newsstands activities. You can contact the company at +234808 693 2518.

It is only the ignoramus that will doubt the spread of knowledge and thirst to be relevant in our days. The bookstores open latest by 8a.m and closes by 6p.m provided there are no emergences. Time invested in reading is a gain of life therefore; get that book of yours you have been longing for without shipping. An attempt will convince you. Bookstores in Badagry can offer you what you want!!!