The reasons and objectives accrued to the essentiality of going to school have long been defeated in present age due to the outright aberration from the foundation and basic landmark of teaching, which has been monetized and polarized. This has made parents’ eschew sending their child to public school, assuming and presuming that, it’s depraved and handled by a less competent teacher. To this end, I’ll say that the degree of truthfulness can only be measured by those that conceived the proposition. Whatever, the case might be, private school is becoming the only escape route to having quality and wholly education. In aligning without much deviation from the public view about the mars and irrecoverable stressed extension in academic curriculum in a government school. The article is hinged on meddling the gap by presenting the best schools in Falomo, Ikoyi to those that have root or means of livelihood in Ikoyi, deeply and genuinely searching for where to get the best education for their children. Here are the few that I can vouch for.

St. Georges Girls School

The landmark and achievement make them the best in their pursuit. It is located at 123, Awolowo Road, Falomo. The school has proven to the masses to be the spring and fountain of knowledge, moral uprightness, and forthrightness with certified and qualified teachers ready to transform the career embedded in the young’s one hence, awakening their potentials.

The mission of St. George is boldly engrained and written in the core and deepest part of the heart of the teachers and student, which is aimed to make the school sample for others to follow and to transform the pupils to be educationally sound in all-round development, morally, physically and mentally. Without any doubt, the mission is all encompasses and answer the yearning of true knowledge seekers.

St. George focuses on Nursery and primary education knowing fully well, the importance of the foundation. They have an array of relevant and correlating subjects as defined by the state ministry of education. You can call them on 08023625715 or 08159290243

My submission is that the schools in Ikoyi lack online presence hence, yet to key to modern means of teaching. A school that can’t be represented online can be assumed to be at the stage of birth, developing. What it is, this is best nursery and Primary School in Falomo, Ikoyi as at the time of this publication.