Lekki is pretty popular amongst the Lagos Island for overlapping reasons which including; the decent map out of the region, interconnecting road, and cool breeze from the surrounding ocean and lagoons that suit residents and the growing accommodation of the foreigners. These and many reasons have contributed immensely to the rapid metamorphosis in the locales. However, this publication focuses on promoting best restaurants in Lekki Peninsula, Lekki which is fast becoming home for many businesses with a nice ambience for their thriving.

Though several works have been done in bringing the best restaurants in Lekki’s major and popular regions and this is published for those that crave for the best, therefore, Lekki peninsula is the next on the list to be dug out and submit the best restaurants to the people around the area. Here are the best that can scale through!!!

Café Royal                                           

It’s awesomely a café for those that want to be treated as prince or princess. It is located at Etim Inyang Crescent, Lekki Peninsula, Lekki. The conduciveness, serenity and the comfortability enjoy at the café royal is enormous and calming, having well-trained waiters and waitress that brings food in a speed of light. There is an availability of PoS in case you’re a cashless type. A visit to this haven of relaxation will convince you. It is expedient to state that, if you become adherent to their sumptuous meals and nice service, you likely to neglect your spouse effort in the kitchen. It is also a good spot to keep a date with your loved ones.

Talindo Streak House Restaurant

They are proud restaurant and up to something in the business with classic and delicious meals readily available to serve their customers. My humble suggestion is that Talindo Streak House Restaurant is an embodiment of layers of diverse, complimentary and tasty “gallery of meals”. It is located at Karimu Kotun Street, Lekki Peninsula, Lekki. They have a variety of Nigerian swallows with its appropriate soup that can titillate your palate.

On the basis of the information I can get as the time of publishing, these are the best 2 restaurants in Lekki Peninsula, Lekki. Though, the area considered is embedded in Lekki and one of the popular regions in the area. You can save a date for to chill in the above-mentioned restaurant if you are not a regular user of a restaurant, but I assure you of delicious alongside forgotten drinks in the freezer.