Actually, this location deserves the best restaurants in the land because of the availability of the international and reputable mega oil tycoon company, that’s becoming every graduate dream to work. In accordance to that, I’ll project the best restaurants in chevron drive, Lekki, which can serve sumptuous and carefully cooked meals.

May I acquit you what is unique about Lekki before getting down to the business? Lekki is one of the most affluent neighborhoods in Lagos. Despite its residential status, it is fast becoming a commercial hub with one of the busiest streets in Lagos, the Admiralty Way. Clustered all around Lekki is a plethora of restaurants serving unique cuisines to titillate your palate. However, we still have fantastic restaurants spread across the locale but I’ll focus on Chevron Drive.


Spice Bowl is popular for serving luscious, deserted and sumptuous Afro-Asian cuisine, that if care is less taken, you can’t afford to bite your tongue. Unbelievable until seen, the meals are in generous portions with the aroma that impinge directly on the smelling organ. Spice Bowl is naturally endowed cook of Chinese meals and differs African meals. The restaurant really meant to give the best service you could ever crave for. Their online order delivers timely with affordable prices. Spice Bowl is at No 1, Udeco Medical Road, Off Chevron Drive, Lekki. Here is the condensed list of what spice bowl will offer you:

  • Asian Meals
  • Asian Bite Appetizers
  • Meals (Teriyaki Combo)
  • Chinese Combo (Served with Steamed White Rice)
  • Chinese Sides
  • Drink Menu
  • Afro Sides
  • Rice Meals
  • Vegetable Soups
  • Afro Bites (Appetizers)

You can visit their website on for more details or call them on 08077252448. Your taste will definitely be on their list unless you are from another planet or eats ghost food (I giggle).

This will be the only best restaurant in Chevron Drive, Lekki that’ll make the list. However, the article is subject to review and upgrading, you can, therefore, ask for our help to enlist your own restaurant after a cursory examination of the data presented, if you’re interested, make use of homepage or contact us page. We are gurus committed to providing the best for the best people in the different field as long as it’s a business. Partner us and enjoy the blaze!!!