Does Agbara have any restaurant? Obviously, if anybody queries that, he must be a visitor trying to get the glimpse and glamour of the companies in Agbara. Agbara is popular on the Nigeria map because of the constellation of companies that capture the land, in spite this; restaurants are not onlooker and have successfully outrun small-scale businesses in the acquisition of land, hence having a base.

Chiefly among the Restaurants in Agbara with their address will be briefly discussed. The best restaurants are selected on the parameter of the availability of different kinds of meals, observation of hygienic rules, how garnished their foods are, the serenity of the company, among others.

The article is centre on suggesting the best, classic and cool restaurants for its reader which has consideration for lower class customers. Having outlined the aim of the article and discussed the need for food, without wasting time, I will start listing the best restaurants that make up the list.

  1. Dr water

Is the first on the list because of their method applied in cooking and consideration for Non-Nigerian meals. At Dr. Water, the aroma of their food can be perceived at a kilometer away from the restaurant. Notably among the foreign mostly cooked food at Dr. Water is Chinese food, it has overridden the demand for other food, therefore, called “Chinese restaurant”. I sense nervousness as you have been eagerly expecting the address, your expectation is here. It is located at Emir Road, Agbara, their edifice is easy to be seen even by the first visitor, an effort to get their phone proved abortive. Actually, they are not localized only to foreign meals but can prepare delicious local or Africa dishes. Guess what? A visit will run your pocket empty.

  1. Blue Net Restaurant, Bar and Guest House

Blue Net Restaurant

It is truly a net; it is into more than a restaurant. However, in conformity with the topic above, their restaurant is designed in such a way that it a visit will leave a mark of experience on their customer. Been that blue net is into Bar and Guest-house, the intensive culinary embark on for their customer is exceptionally and earnestly strive to give them the best. It is located at Edu Road, Edu secondary School Igbesa, Agbara. Make it a day with the blue net, you bite your tongue.

  1. Ace Restaurant

The “ace” is extra ordinary in the kitchen with priority on Africa meal. Like other restaurant, the adherence to hygienic rules is awesome and convincing. They are into cooking different meals but chiefly of them is Nigeria soups that are appropriately garnished with necessary condiments. It is located at Area 4, OPIC Estate, Agbara or you can contact them to confirm their service or availability of your taste on 08102450362. At ace, your satisfaction is their delight.

In compliance with the qualifying factors, to make the list, these are the only trio that is phenomenally stands out amidst the other restaurants in Agbara and rated as the best restaurants in Agbara so far.