Agbara has many private schools but the finest and the best of them will be enunciated in this article. Best private schools in Agbara is selected on the basis of the conduciveness and serenity of the learning environment, availability of teaching aids, library and laboratory for the senior classes, the competence of the teachers, online presence. Other factors are year of establishment, track – record and number of award or debate participated.

Having listed the qualifying factors for selecting schools, it is needful to state that, Agbara has many private schools. Recently, the increase in the numbers of school can be likened to harmattan fire due to different sign board at almost every kilometer. Of all these schools, three schools with outstanding performance will be written about in this article.


The first on the list is Corona Secondary school; the school was founded in 1992 and located at scenic 2.3 hectare campus, Yenagoa Road, in the serene and beautiful Agbara Estate.  The school is part of corona trust council and opens from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. from Monday to Friday. The school is known for her moral forthrightness and academic excellence. Over the years, it had participated in several quiz, debates and competition that are academically oriented and has proven academic excellence. The school has a well – structured laboratory and library with adequate playing ground.



Corona’s mission:

The school’s objective is to ensure that their students are able to live and work successfully in the hyper-turbulent, globalized and technological world after leaving the four – corners of corona. In line with the avowed mission of the Trust Council, they want to educate the whole child. Working with a committed team of professionals, ensuring that any child that enroll to corona becomes multi-talented, flexible and competent individuals. You can visit their website at Or


The Seaside School was established in October 1998, The Seaside Schools are presently located within the serene opic estate, Agbara, Ogun State, Nigeria. A quiet neighbour–hood that affords pupils the much needed conducive atmosphere for learning devoid of distractions. Seaside is been propelled by the desire to provide a credible choice to parents who yearn for truly qualitative education for their ward and children.

The Seaside School is ever so conscious of this legitimate desire and tries to provide a holistic, inclusive educational package that focuses on academic, physical, moral and spiritual development.

The school has modern and well equipped science laboratories with relevant and recent apparatuses with competent and vastly experienced science teachers to handle their students. Other facilities include computer laboratory, Home Economics, Library, Music class and Intro-tech workshop. You can visit their site for further details.


Loral international school is committed to raising future leaders by offering sound academic, moral and leadership classes. The school is located at Agbara – Lusada Road, Agbara Ado – Odo/Ota Ogun Nigeria. Loral international has a nice and attractive conducive setting for playing, learning and debate and has won major award in Ogun state competition.

Conclusively, the above mentioned schools have pretty outstanding and landmark achievements in academics excellence and wholesome moral impartation, the schools are known in fostering and nurturing the potentials of the student. Enroll your wards and you will share testimony.