The region has grown fantastically in recent years and that has led to a geometric increase in the population with an arithmetic increase in basic amenities. Such lopsided has made private groups pitch their various business tents across the major routes and renowned area. Eleguishi is not left out in the development, though, this work is meant to inform the populace about the best hospitals in Eleguishi, Lekki, this is done to make searching a bit easier when the unwanted happens.

Understanding the fact that health is wealth, I, therefore, conclude that it is of utmost priority for anybody to be so careful about his health which invariably determines the height of comfortability.  Regrettably, the country rolls out millions of dollars to revamp health sector but it has always ended in pity as there won’t be any tangible project that’ll justify the amount earmarked, because of this many has resulted to private hospitals, though I’ll focus on the best hospitals in Eleguishi, Lekki, it will jolt you that, private will take the lead. Here are the best!

St Kizito Clinic

It is a clinic for the masses; it has been there medically for the majority for more than 15 years. Their services are relatively affordable and with a high-quality health care. Frankly speaking, their service can be said that it is primarily designed to cater for the less privilege. I guess you are unsure of the quality since cheaper things are assumed to have twisted quality. The hope for the masses hospital is gently nestled at Jakande First Gate Ilasan Lekki, you can also call them on 08051662168

Permit me to shock you, the quality of their health works is at top notch and that’s why I decided to feature it here. Have these from them:

  • Daily consultation and treatment of common diseases, like malaria, diarrhoea, pneumonia, measles, skin infections, eye problems, non-communicable diseases, HIV and TB.
  • Child-care including immunization, growth monitoring and health promotion. Maternal care services, antenatal and post-natal, including prevention of mother to child transmission (PMTCT) of HIV infection are adequately trained to handle.
  • Specialist consultations include dentist, gynaecologist, ophthalmologist. Laboratory examinations as well as radiological investigations including X-Ray and Ultrasound services for children and adults.
  • A pharmacy that is well stocked and dispensing quality essential drugs.
  • Routine and comprehensive medical screenings and health check-up for employees, students and the general population.
  • Ambulance service for emergency and routine transport of patients to referral clinics and hospitals.

To the researcher’s surprise and perhaps, even you, this will be the only hospitals in Eleguishi that will beat the hurdles to be ranked. However, I presume there might others that lack online base or poor description of address. You can contact us to list yours.