There is no radiant or reflecting beauty in womanhood if their hair is left unkempt. The old-time saying corroborates with the above; which say, “the glory of a woman is their hair” and that is one of the dazzling properties that men’s crave for. With a good intention of providing the best beauty salons in Ajah Lekki for those that love classic and having themselves as a showpiece to other. I’ll provide you with the best beauty salon in Ajah. But just I unveil those I consider the best. Permit me to digress.

Oh, dear woman, you can’t prove your fastidiousness if you left your hair uncared for, I, therefore, persuade the reader which I assume to be a woman to get the wrong right by giving utmost priority to your hair. Though I shouldn’t be romantic, however, I will love to save you the fuss hence, you can’t be romantically able if you neglect your hair. So give it the best beauty you can ever can so as to stimulate your spouse to action and to be more friendly.

Jodes Hair solution          

She makes a woman to be best they can crave to have on their head, revamping the glamour enjoyed during their wedding ceremony. Every hair-do at Jodes has been a colourful outing for their customers. The solution centres for different hair-do is nestled at 23, Addo – Ajah Road, Ajah, Lagos Island. Few of what Jodes do is attached to the article. Here is the list:

  • Offering of weavons of different grades and from different countries
  • Beauty salon
  • Hair health service with compactible and non-hazardous hair washing materials
  • Different forms of braiding
  • Specialist in weaving in both natural and attachment and lot more.

Make it a day at the Jodes beauty solution centres and catch the fun and glitz associated with looking good. At Jodes, your look and remark is their pride.

Essential Beauty Salon

If you’ve been making different hair-do and yet to visit the essential beauty salon, sorry for this hard saying, you’re yet to get it right. The essentiality in the salon is inscribed in bringing the radiance and attractiveness in a woman. Dear, no matter the shape of your head, you can leave without having the best design on your head. The fancy that trails good and cute hair-style await you. They are conglomerate of meticulous hair stylist offering nice service that you can think of having. The essential beauty salon is located at Block E14 Ajah Ultra-modern Market, Ajah, you can contact them via 08033283307. I would’ve outlined uniqueness of their services but to avoid bulkiness, I will jettison that, however, reach out to and you will definitely ask for a review on this write-up.

Ideal Beauty Place

Their services cover a whole lot of things that are ideal and necessary to building the beauty in you. Just before I pour out details about the place, I would love to state their address, it is strategically located at Shop F72, Ikota shopping complex Road 2, Ajah, Lagos Island and their phone number is 08126702547. Their services will colourfully make a new, radiant and more gorgeous bride in the eye of the beholder. You can’t be at the salon; an attract disparaging remark ….‘ugly’. Never. I smell that your spouse can be wooed after the marvelous handiwork of ideal beauty salon. Very committed and endowed in handling, plaiting, fixing, shampooing, or and just mention it service.

These are the selected few beauty salons in Ajah Lekki, this work is aimed at saving you the stress of working the street before getting beauty salon and more importantly, it serves to provide you an assured salon that can get you the style difficult to snub by your man. However, the work is subject to review and upgrading, you can, therefore, contact us to add yours.