The business of hotels or guests house has been on the trend in the country’s business forum, this is due to the high demands of the relaxation centre.  Interestingly, when you think of having a nerve-soothing relaxation and long-lasting outing, hotels in Ajah can afford you of the fantasy beyond what the piece will cover. The locale has many hotels but the finest, well structure and equipped, awesome, and affordable hotels in Ajah, Lekki will be briefly discussed in my writing. The reason for selecting a few is to avoid bulky or wordy article, however, if it happens that your own centre is stripped out, you can ask our team for consideration.


Curiously in search of where to have the fullest relaxation at any point in time, Cvilla is one of the best places to visit, it’s a villa that is designed to meet up with the demands of different strata of people. The affordability has not impaired their eye-catching and heart melting services. Cvilla, which the writer deems it fit; to be branded as “hilltop of relaxation”, where the funfair stages can dissolve the psycho imbalance is located at road 45, off Ogombo road by Abraham Adesanya, Ajah. Just to state a few, their services include, the provision of well-stocked restaurant and conducive accommodation, gym and recreational are not left out, hall and lounge with meaningful capacity with enough packing space is part of the Cvilla hotel. For further enquiries, you can reach them on any of the following means: +234 902 388 6873, +234 811 887 8354 or +234 809 827 1187. Also available on the internet, their handle is or E-mail them on

Le Brigadier Hotel

What? Did you just think of an army-controlled hotel? I guess that spring from your inner thought at the sight of the name – “Le brigadier”. Actually, your thoughts are not far from the writer concept but just with another tune. Arguably, I will give the hotel a credit in term of their security consciousness. They ensure that the lives and properties of their customers are well kept. They’re phenomenal!!! The polarity of the state of the country security often been of concerned to the hotel’s user, however, the le brigadier is ten times better off. Having stressed their excellence in security, other provisions are exquisite and pleasing. There is a cool and serene accommodation with air-conditioned though; the rooms are of different grades which makes it conform to the writer’s caption.  Also, her bar and restaurant are fantastic, structured to meet your taste. You can check them out at No 2, Abimbola Street, seaside Estate, by Oando filling station, Papa B/stop, Badore, Ajah or you can call them on 08023139902, 08090216754 and 08090216756. Their website is or via their email, at

Milestone Hotel

Milestone hotel deserves a feather amongst the affordable hotels having services that arouse ones’ taste.  It’s purely a milestone for a new visitor due to the characteristic, unparalleled and convivial atmosphere. The ambience within and around the hotel has no rivalry. Is it located along 2/4 Milestone close, skido bus – stop, Ado Road, Ajah. There is service is like the covers, provision of an impressive and luxurious accommodation such as presidential suites, executives suites with spa bathrooms, Jacuzzi and beautiful furniture, top-notch security, fitly decorated event hall with spacious car park, bar and restaurant in milestone is up-to-date. You can visit them to catch the full fun of the place. You can reach them on 08145734245, 08145348236 and 01-3427478 or via their online, their website handle is or via their email,

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