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If you’re planning to visit Badagry whether for business, visiting or vacation, there are great places that will make your stay in the ancient city fun and memorable. As you might know, Badagry is a renowned ancient city in Nigeria, and her contribution to the slave trade is one of the reasons for the popularity. In this short guide, i will highlight the best 5 places to visit in Badagry, Lagos.

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Badagry Point Of No Return

The “point of no return” is an island in Badagry where slaves are being exported to foreign countries via the cargo ships. According to the history, immediately slaves have been transported across the Badagry river to the “Point of No Return” they no longer have freedom to go back. This place has been one of the most visited areas in Badagry by tourists. You too would want to visit the place to take some pictures and see some of the things left during the slave era.

Slave Museums

The best place to learn more about the slave trade is to visit the Badagry slave museums. There are many slave families in Badagry, however not all of them accept visiting. When you visit the major slave museums, you’ll learn more about the slave trade, how they are being transported etc.

Nigeria’s First Storey Building

If you’re coming to Badagry with your kids, make sure you add the “First Story Building” to your places to visit. It is one of the things kids learn about in current affairs and if they have the opportunity to visit this place, that would be a really good thing for them. The “First Story Building” is where Lord Lugard lives during his time in Nigeria.

Whispering Palms Resort

To make your visit really fun and memorable, you’d want to visit Whispering Palms Resort to relax in the scenic environment. In fact, you could lodge here as long for how long you wish to stay. Whispering Palms Resort is very popular both in Nigeria and outside the country. With over 500 rooms, sports center, mini zoo, swimming pools, event center, cafe, beautiful attractions and lots more, you’ll definitely enjoy your visit.

Badagry Beach

The last place on my list is the Badagry beach. The beach is few kilometers away from the Badagry roundabouts. It’s really a nice place to visit, especially during the weekends or special occasions.

These are great places in Badagry and i believe you’ll really enjoy your visit if you add these places to your itinerary.

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