There is no permutation to sustainable health and long life than to conscientiously take care of one’s health condition and this I aim to deeply rooted in Ikoyi by providing the best private hospitals in Awolowo Road, Ikoyi to the people of Ikoyi or those that are working there.  Though the article will fail to cover all the hospitals unlike other Nigeria business directories, I aim at providing useful tips apart from contact info but I’ll briefly capture the services of the hospitals in my writing, this I know will be beneficiary than just contact details.

Just before I unveil the awaited news, I consider Ikoyi as one of the busy area in Lagos with the exorbitant cost of living, therefore, it’s of immense kindness to provide the dwellers with the best private hospitals in Awolowo Road Ikoyi will other areas is underway.

Enny Eye Clinic and Optical Services

It’s a reputable diagnostic and clinic centre for eyes related defect or problem. It has experienced and certified opticians that are buoyant and capable of handling eye defect and the centre is accredited. As the name implies, it majorly focuses on optics, correction and prevention of eye’s defect. It is located at 92, Awolowo Road, Ikoyi opposite Yinka Bodyline, and you call them on 08178815244 or 08082115764. Their service makes the road for them. For any eye’s defect, run to Enny Eye clinic, hesitation can lead to an irredeemable and persistent issue.

Pinnacle Medical Services

Pinnacle Medical Services is a top and reliable medical health provision centre with an unrelenting effort towards improving patient’s condition. Their centre is neatly organized and rank up to goodly expectable standard in Nigeria. Doctors’ at the pinnacle are always at the pinnacle of caring with a very attentive character that dots their garment. Pinnacle Medical Services is located at 77, Awolowo Road, Ikoyi and you can speak with the main organ amongst the doctors at pinnacle on 08051149585. Only God saves, but with faith and quality service, your health status cannot grow worse at the pinnacle.

Modern Medical Centre

It truly modern and advanced in term of their services and specialist on the ground to attend to you, you got not to panic once you’re at the entrance of Modern Medical Centre because you are closer to liberation than before. The years in the service is not enough reason to make the list but the availability of certified, ready to work and attentive health workers with nice and compelling services and rooms is far above rubies. It is located at 202, Awolowo Road, Ikoyi. With God and unwavering faith, your case cannot be the toughest, irrecoverable case. Modern medical is ready than yesterday to attend to you. No unnecessary delay once the case is critical, straight refer with a meaningful backup for the patient.

Without gainsay or prejudice, these are the top three private hospitals in Ikoyi having a traceable online presence. However, there are other hospitals in the Awolowo Road, but I chose the three because of tangible and provable things heard about them. You can as well be one if can just deem it so, call or ask for the hand of the admin of this website to add yours though, t and c applied.