The best as always being the friendliest option for everybody, therefore, I will also gladly join the passionate crew of the best by researching and writing around the best three private primary schools in Dolphin Estate, Ikoyi. Abstracting from the old biblical and truthful saying that, “once the foundation is destroyed, what can a righteous do”. The quotation is appropriately suitable for the education at lower cadet or primary schools which serve as a fulcrum on which other learnings or educational acquisitions in life hinge on. It’s therefore very sacrosanct to prioritize this lifetime transforming decision.

Many parents understand perfectly the resulting effect of the above saying and have laudably put aside all distractions and needless acclaim of social status by focusing on their children’s education, hence, sending them to the best among the rest.

In the bid of contributing my quotas in “repatriation of our stolen education sector in Nigeria either by an act of sabotage, corruption or any such vices”. I will bring to the frontline the best three primary schools in Dolphin Estate, Ikoyi for the people in the area and capable of affording it.

Treasure Hills School

It’s truly a treasure of hills worth investing in. The premium placed on the general wellness of the wards in their custody is astonishing and awesome with ever enthusiastic and upbeat teachers on the ground to fish out the lacking factors in the kids. Apart from their great attitude to work, the learning environment and playing ground are mind blowing and capturing, the playing ground is nice and well arranged with different kinds of playing materials. Treasure hill school is located at plot 118B, association way Dolphin Estate, Eti Osa, Ikoyi. You can as well reach them on or just can get across by dialling 07070265373 or 08052560745. The future of your kids is secure and glowing bright light behind the tunnel.

Diamonds Private School

They are crews of great intellectual developers with a noticeable zealous and relentless effort in helping the kid to discover his or her talent. The passion towards branding first class and world leaders are boldly written on their face. The home of potential discovery is located at 87, Lafiaji way, Dolphin Estate, Ikoyi. You can as well reach them on 08033065084 or 08023247744. It’s a pity for any parent to be confused on where to enroll their kids when Diamond private school is readily available to develop the most wanted future for their kids.

Cradle Court Child’s Care Centre

My list is incomplete without provision for “busy like bees” mummy whose time has been engulfed by work or life demands. Here is where to engage your kid and it is one of the surest places to enroll your kids mostly when you are pretty occupied. Cradle court helps to train and develop under-aged kids in becoming what they are destined to be. It is located at 270A corporation Drive, Dolphin Estate, Ikoyi or you can call them on 08170280113. Their mission includes:

  • Aim at delivering highest quality childcare
  • Provide a safe, warm, stimulating, age-appropriate environment for children to grow.
  • Supporting learning through active exploration and an array of play activities.
  • To continually strive to help nurture, challenge and foster independence in all the children in our care.
  • To develop strong partnerships with parents committing to working together to build foundations that nurture each child’s self-esteem and confidence

These are the three that’ll make the list however, there are other schools in Dolphin estate but am pretty comfortable with the information and what I know of them, their passion towards work and unquantifiable commitment in developing the kids is like no others. If you are interested in making the list, you can kindly use the homepage of the website so as to ask for our services, you can never regret partnering with us.