Geographically, Ikoyi is a settlement with a lot of glitz and glamour that a mere or average Nigeria can’t afford and the same phenomenon is seen in the guest house in Ikoyi, however, this article will be restricted to the best three guest house in Ikoyi, the factors considered before choosing are the capacity of the hotels, the attractiveness of the layout of the guest house, online presence, the astuteness of their staff and other reasons.

Obviously, it is a keen competition in selecting the best, however, to every competition, there will be rank, which is more applicable in this sense. No functioning hotels or guest house can be rubbished due to the money lavished on the project and exquisite design of the structure both interior and exterior. But for the sake of this article, I will be restricted to just best three guest house or hotels in Ikoyi.


It is specially designed to offer the fullest comfort and flexibility of a home set in peaceful and devoid of pandemonium surrounding. It is where the travellers where the dream of the travelling can be dreamt off. It is located at 3A, Ojora Road, Ikoyi, just a 10 minutes’ drive from VI, the business hub of the state and 40 minutes’ drive from the International airport. As a tip of the iceberg for interested travellers, each of the rooms is furnished with 20 elegant rooms in 5 different categories in which the price the setting of the rooms make the difference in the price.  It also has the following:

  • The luxury guest house has a restaurant where luscious continental meals are prepared and allow ordering of alcoholic or non-alcoholic drinks.
  • Uninterrupted power supply with an AC at some luxury rooms
  • The security of life and properties is not a threat as there is 24 hours security
  • Broadband internet access with a swimming pool and gym.

You can visit their website at or use the E-mail at or or call them on +234 81861 12965.


It sort of standard if the George is not part of the list. They provide the coolest and enthusing service to the travellers by making their facilities the fit into what they served in foreign countries. It is located at 30 Lugard Avenue, Ikoyi. If what is their exceptional is anything to go by, it is assumable that the cost per night will be so exorbitant but the reverse is the case, it was reported that the George charges less than N150, 000 aside other fees and dues. Few of what is available are:

  • Free Wifi
  • Free Parking
  • Breakfast included
  • Air Conditioning
  • Pool
  • Non-Smoking Rooms
  • Restaurant

The much-awaited guest house will definitely be part of the list as those that have privileged to taste their service can’t get over the crisp and refreshing offer got at the guest house. It situated at 22A Apapa Lane, Dolphin Estate, Ikoyi, Agoda with the zealous commitment to serve a superior service to the travellers and give utmost comfort. There is a recreational centre, large car pack with assured security and lot more.

These are the best three guest house in Ikoyi which are 100% committed to providing the comfort of no equal to the travellers or sojourners. Buy from them and catch an illustratable fun and pleasure.