Although, an article has been published on this subject before however, it was complex and diverse, in the sense that, it addressed other related terms about the paga. With this, I will focus only on the benefits of paga and other dividends associated with the use of paga. Having mentioned that, I can roll the ball.

  1. Save time

The truth remains glaring at this point unless a fellow what to tomfoolery himself or herself. Transacting at any commercial bank when the immediacy and duty demand that there shouldn’t be delay forwarding the money might end up be a daydream. Actually, that might not always be there fault but they are tipped to get over siphoning there customer’s time. This can never happen at paga outlet, in fact, often than none, the transaction is spontaneous.

  1. Easy Access to Money

Paga has made it so much possible to have an uninterrupted access to money either saving or withdrawing. Though there is a limit to what one can withdrawing in a day yet, some buoyant outlet can boast of dispensing a pretty huge amount of money. Unlike bank where the queue is distasteful and wearisome although, it’s the sure means of their sustenance and ability to remain in the system

  1. Mitigate Security Treat around Banking Area

The more there is traffic and busy movement of people around banking area, the more it poses security questions because of unscrupulous elements, nuisances, and miscreants that might disguise their identity by lurking, searching for the loophole to attack.  Obviously, the introduction of paga has directly helped to reduce such recurrent financial disaster hence, saving banks tremendously and in all wise.

  1. Means of Employment

Obviously, paga has impacted positively on the alarming rate of unemployment in the society or Nigeria at large though; elites argue that is underemployment approach to the capable employable individuals. Whatever the case might be, it engages people by providing for their needs hence, reducing unemployment.

  1. De-Congestion of Banks

The congestion at banks is sometimes unrestrained and messy to an extent that customers will be struggling to join the queue. The good news is that full adoption and patronage of paga will and have been decongesting banks without any adverse economic effects on the banks.

  1. Eliminate Eliminable Stress

The use of a word is crucial at this point because there are some eliminable stresses that banks supposed to save their customers from but indifferently, count it as endurable stress. Do I have an example to back my point up? Yes, the increase in the number of ATMs and dispense capacity should be given attention, if considered, it will save undue stress. However, with persistence of this in banks, Paga has come to eliminate such and provide a highway to money for people.

  1. Digitalize Local Area

Yes, it does by bringing modern and innovative means of saving and withdrawing money. The process of using this kind of digitalized method of transaction is quite laudable with the hope of achieving a penetrative effect to the rural area that is under-bank or lack banks.

  1. Promoting Cashless Policy

There is no much sermon to justify the objectives of the central bank in introducing the cashless policy, which is pivotal on a clear-cut intention to add value to fiscal and monetary policy in the country. Without aberration or deviation from the apex bank objective, Paga has appreciably key to the policy and has fostered it beyond narrow targets of the Central Bank, in providing nearest and succinct alternative for people to cash the money perhaps, ATM fails.

  1. Fostering Intimacy and Synergy

Here, it is a crystal clear that money influences being at can either make or mar a relationship. The same can be said of paga agents. An outlet that is devoid of malicious practices will be people’s friend and woo more customers than those indulging in questionable things. Hence, bringing about intimacy which will in no time snowball into formidable synergy and fostering peaceful and national harmony.

Much is yet to be tapped in this fantastic and digitalize means of money transaction. Though there are limitations affecting the survivability of paga and public misconception about them yet the benefits of paga outnumbered any counter proposition. Use paga and you will tell the difference.