The socio-economic power of tourism cannot be undermined in the country as it has proven to serve more than the general misconception of just a mere “point of attractions”, such presumption at this age is unacceptable and belittling the influence the centres have generated years by. The tourist centres in Ikoyi are mind-blowing for those that are fans of beautiful attractions that are established by nature or humans. In view of having a publication that’ll unveil the uniqueness, location, requirement for gaining entrance and the likes, of or into the tourist centres in Ikoyi. I’ve resolved to research and project the main tourism centres to the people that might want to visit the place or even her residents, can walk the centres leisurely to catch unexplainable glamour of the site. Here is the list of the place but in no particular order.

  1. Nimbus Art Centre.

It is an excellent place to visit for those that love historical relics and myths, it has a rich and diverse compilation of artifacts that are of educational purpose and can be used in research work. However, it is fast developing into a modern art gallery with an outdoor restaurant and lives music stage attracting talented artists and musicians. The new Nimbus art Centre can boast of a contemporary space and terrace available for rent for a weekly art exhibition. It is also a nice place to pick up a unique artwork for a gift or for you. It was formerly located at Bogobiri Art House but now at IKoyi Nimbus art centre.

  1. Bogobiri

It is another nice suggestion to visit by tourist visiting or planning to visit Ikoyi, it is located at the highbrow area of Ikoyi. The specialty about Bogobiri is the tidal sequence of life at the centre. It is usually come alive at night bringing many astonishing events together; it is a unique place where food meets arts or in other words, it has always been an isle where merriment marries arts with a thousand of excitements. I admonish that you visit on Thursday night for “freedom hall” and Friday night for “Taruwa”. If you’re a fan of spoken word and good music, your mates are waiting for you at Bogobiri.

  1. Lekki Ikoyi Link Bridge

Apart from the third mainland bridge that edge above the bridge, Lekki Ikoyi Link Bridge remain a senior in the class of bridges in Nigeria and the height of grandeur has no rival and bears similarity with popular Eiffel Tower in Paris, this makes it an eye blazing and tourist centre. It spans about 1.358km and links the Phase 1 area of Lekki with Ikoyi. It’s not just a bridge, but has recently attracted morning joggers to have their training there; amazingly, the CEO of Facebook has spotted jogging on it.

  1. Ikoyi Club

It is a club as well as a home for awakening sleeping talents in the younger ones. It is situated at Alfred Rewane, Ikoyi. Ikoyi club incorporated two clubs together, the European club and the Lagos Golf club. As a tourist, who has flair for Golf, Tennis, Swimming, Squash, Badminton, Snooker and other indoor sports, you got to visit Ikoyi club before quitting the tourism mission. It has given monumental and useful tips to its user on how to meet with the foreign counterpart in the field.

  1. The George, Ikoyi

The George is the arguably the head honcho amongst the gallery of hotels in Ikoyi which is inspired by the vision to deliver the very best in hospitality service in Lagos. The splendor and tranquility coupled with the flowery beautification are more than enough reason to visit the place. With no vindictive intention, I’ll rate the George as the best among the best hotels in Lagos.  As a hotel, The George features luxury, privacy, complete exclusivity and sanctuary of comfort with customized and personalized services to meet their customers’ taste.

  1. Quintessence

It is an embodiment of artworks carved decades or centuries ago. The intricacy of the work is amazing, having a lot to offer to historians and interested fellow or fan of artifacts. It’s located at off Gerrard Road, Parkview Estate main gate, Ikoyi and you can call them on 08033275401. It has a wide range of artworks, paintings, sculptures, drums, crafts etc. it is a place worth visiting.

  1. The National Museum

Lagos is deprived of land being a coastal city; however, the capacity of the national museum at Awolowo Road, Ikoyi is awesome. It is very rich in cultural, diversity and evolutionary proves. It is a place to gain more knowledge on the cause of evolution and history-based statements. It is interesting to know that the admission fee is less than a quid.

  1. Country Clown Entertainment

If perhaps, you are depressed by the fellow workers and searching for where to get it lively, Country Clown Entertainment (and Amusement) is a right place to visit. It is opened to tourist and every then and now visitor. It’s truly into clowning entertainment that will make you grin by cracking you up completely, exhuming the monotonous in you by depositing exuberance. It is located at Fantasyland Kingsway, Road, Ikoyi Eti – Osa, you can speak with them on 08034734185 or 07089064395.