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Buy property in Badagry in rapidly developing region. Safe and 100% secure.

Do you want to buy cheap property in Badagry? Find out the best places to buy your next property without breaking your credit card. Badagry is one of the best places to live in Lagos state. There are several residential regions in Badagry that are suitable for people who prefer to settle down in a calm and conducive environment. A lot of people wish to buy property in Badagry but most of them don’t know the best places to get cheap property. If you find yourself in that situation, this short information will be of great help to you. I lives and work in Badagry, and I know the places where most anyone can buy cheap property without issues.

Age Mowo

Age Mowo is one of the places in Badagry where you can buy property at a relatively cheap price. The place is about 8km away from Badagry town. There are many developing areas in Age Mowo where people can still buy a plot of land below #300,000. In fact, some places still sell at #150,000 per plot. If you’re planning to invest in real estate in Badagry, definitely, you’d like to invest in Age Mowo. I will post more information about the available places in Age Mowo in my subsequent articles.


Atinporomeh became popular after the building demolition that occurs sometime in 2015. The region is one of the rapidly developing places in Badagry. One of the things I like about Atinporomeh is the road network that links to Ado-Odo, Ogun state. If you’re looking for places to buy cheap property in Badagry, make sure you add Atinporomeh to your list.


Aradagun is one of the popular places in Badagry. The junction is the major route to Whispering Palms. Aradagun also links to ASCON and some villages. There are estates in Mosafejo that offer cheap property for sale. Instead of spending huge money looking for property in congested areas such as Agbara, you can invest it in property in Aradagun or other cheap places in Badagry.


Ibereko is very close to Aradagun town. It is one of the popular places in Badagry. Ibereko has some of the best hotels in Badagry, and also has an army barracks. There are private and public schools in Ibereko, and a couple of private hospitals and clinics. Interestingly, the town is along the expressway. If you are looking for cheap property in Badagry, then you need to consider Ibereko in your list.


Ajara as popularly called, is the closest town to Badagry. It is also common for people to call it roundabouts instead of Ajara or Ajara-Topa. The town is linked to Badagry, Ibereko, and Seme boarder. There are many developing sites in Ajara where people can buy cheap property without having issues. You can also get cheap and standard accommodation if you want.


Imeke is one of the obscure villages in Badagry. It is located along Whispering palms road. The village has developed rapidly since the last couple of years. Imeke has two private hospitals, a public primary school, a private secondary school and a couple of hotels and bars. If you’re looking for a place to buy cheap property in Badagry, then you need to consider Imeke as one of the places to check.


Ikoga is also one of the obscure villages in Badagry. It is located along Ado-Odo road. Undoubtedly, Ikoga is one of the places that offer cheap property in Badagry. If you lives or work in Ogun state, this place would be more suitable for you.
These are the 7 places to buy cheap property in Badagry. One important thing I will like to add is that the cost of property in those areas also depends on the location and the agent in charge. If you would like to buy a or rent a property in any of these regions, kindly contact me for the best offers.