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If you’re planning to visit Badagry for the first time, this guide will be extremely helpful to you. The 6 major routes to Badagry make it easy for people from Ogun, Oyo, Ondo, and Benin republic to enter Badagry easily without experiencing so much difficulty. The reason for this is because it is quite easy for people to follow the most convenient alternative route if the major route is complicated. For those who are planning to visit Badagry for the first time, experiencing the traffic in Lagos can be a serious concern. Let’s quickly look at the routes and round it up with the best recommendation.
1. Mile 2 – Badagry route: the most popular route to Badagry is the Mile 2 – Badagry route. This was my main route for many years before I discovered other convenient routes. Most people prefer this route because they can take a bus from Mile 2 to Badagry without stopping on the road. If you’re coming from a long distance with luggage, this route would be the most convenient option for you. However, if you don’t have any luggage that can restrict your movement, other options might be the best. Another reason why Mile 2 – Badagry route is popular is because the direction is quite simple to follow. From Ojota, you only need to enter a bus to Mile 2, and another one from Mile 2 to Badagry. It is a simple route to follow, but sometimes hectic.badagry-slave-port
2. Iyapaja – Iyana Oba – Badagry route: This is the second most popular routes to Badagry. Unlike the first route, this route is much complex and rough. One of the reasons why I prefer this route is because of the lesser traffic and smooth movement of vehicles. It is quite possible for you to travel from Ikeja to Badagry via this route without encountering traffic jam. Unfortunately, if you have loads, the stress might be too much for you because you’ve got to enter 3 or 4 busses before you reach to Badagry. The direction is also complex, especially if you’re traveling in the late hour.
3. Sango – Ota – Agbara – Badagry route: The two previous routes lead from different areas in Lagos to Badagry town. However, this route leads from Sango Ota, Ogun State to Badagry. If you’re coming from Ibadan or Abeokuta, or Shagam, this route would be the most convenient route for you. It’s quite easy and straightforward. You need about two busses from Sango Ota to Badagry. It is also possible to enter two busses from Ibadan or Abeokuta to Badagry.
4. Ado-Odo – Badagry: Ado-Odo road is one of the fastest routes to Badagry. It links to different villages in Ogun State. The road also leads to Sango Ota, Ogun state. One of the reasons why I discourage people from travelling via this route is due to bad road. If you’re not used to travelling in bad roads, kindly follow the best alternative routes.
5. Owode – Apa – Badagry route: I don’t really travel via this route. I heard it is quite convenient for people to travel via the road to Owode and neighboring villages. It is also a major route for cross border businesses. It is very unlikely for people to experience traffic jam along the route.
6. Seme – Badagry route: This is the last route to Badagry. It is the major international route that connects Nigeria to Benin Republic and other West African countries. One of the things you might experience if you’re coming from Seme to Badagry is strict security check and restrictions on cross boarder smuggling. If you’re not very sure of what types of products that are allowed, please enquire from the custom officers before you travel.
These are the top 6 routes that lead from different areas to Badagry. Other possible routes are via the lagoons.