In the previous blog I talked about the busiest banks in Badagry. In this post I will talk about the best ATM services in Badagry and list a couple of things that qualify them. If you’re traveling to a place for the first time, it is important for you to go along with your ATM card so that you can easily withdraw money or make payment when you’re not with sufficient cash. Badagry is one of the places people love to visit. Many people visit Badagry for business purposes, and some for excursion. Whether your visiting is for business or education purpose, you’ll definitely need to use the ATM service at some point.

As at the time of writing this post, there are about 8 ATM machines in Badagry. If you’re planning a visit to Badagry, make sure you take note of the information shared in this post. The list of the best ATM services in Badagry was compiled after thorough study and personal experience. It is quite possible to notice some changes in the service of the ATMs due to regular upgrade by banks. If you have a contrary opinion, please contact us to update the information.

Skye bank: the number one ATM service provider in Badagry is Skye bank. I have used them several times and noticed that they deliver the best services. Skye bank is located in obscure area in Ajara, Badagry. The ATM point has two machines, which makes it possible for two people to perform transaction at the same time. Some of the reasons why Skye bank ATM is the best are highlighted below:

  1. Reliable for weekend transaction
  2. Not always congested
  • Secured environment
  1. Strong network
  2. Support different kinds of ATM card
  3. Support bill payment and other services.

You can visit Skye bank ATM anytime during the weekend with confidence.

Zenith bank: the second ATM on the list is that of Zenith bank. It is also reliable for weekend transaction. The ATM is located along badagry market. I have also used it for international transactions without issues. Due to the location of the ATM, it usually runs out of fund on Saturdays. Some great things about the ATM are:

  1. Weekend transaction
  2. Supports different types of ATM card
  • Good for bill payment
  1. Purchase of recharge voucher, and so on.

Diamond bank: The third ATM on the list is that of Diamond bank. The ATM is located inside badagry town. Diamond bank ATM has two machines that support all kinds of ATM cards. I have used my Payoneer card with the machine time without number without having issues. The major thing I hate about the ATM is the instructions that are displayed in French. If you’re not familiar with ATM buttons, the instruction may get you confused. Some great things about the ATM are:

  1. Less congestion
  2. Works with different ATM cards
  • Support bill payment and other transactions.

The ATM is not as secured as Skye bank ATM because it is located in an open place beside the bank.

UBA: I personally don’t like to stay too long on queue before I can withdraw my money. If you’re someone like me, definitely, UBA ATM is not the best. The ATM is always congested just like the banking hall. There are a few things I don’t like about them:

  1. Not situated in spacious environment
  2. Mostly congested
  • Sometimes only one of the machines is active.

Despite the few things I don’t like about them, I enjoy using UBA ATM for my international transactions. The ATM is quite secure to do online transactions. It is one of the few ATM machines in Badagry that has anti-skimming technology.

UBA ATM does work during the weekend, but not always.

First Bank: The last bank on my list is First bank. You might be expecting to see them on the number one position due to their popularity, but unfortunately, they are not among the top 3. They do have some benefits though.

  1. It is located within the bank premises
  2. Spacious environment
  • Works during the weekend (not always)
  1. Supports different kinds of ATM cards.

One of the main reasons why First bank ATM is bad is due to slow network. Sometimes it can take UPTO 20 minutes before you can complete a single withdrawal.

These are the best ATM service in Badagry. As stated in the second paragraph, the service might change due to upgrades. It is possible for you to have better experience with other banks that are not listed. I have omitted other banks because their services are not so good. If you have good experience using the other ATM machines, kindly share with us so that we can update the list.