Let me tell you some of the amazing things that will make you dump your current hospital and start using Adebayo Living Tower Hospital Badagry. People who have been using them for years will definitely agree with me that the points highlighted in this post are just few of the numerous reasons why you will love to use them. Let’s dive right in without wasting too much time.

24/7 Standby Residential Doctor

Recently i told someone that Adebayo Living Tower Hospital’s doctors are available 24/7, which means that even if you visit the hospital at mid night, you will meet a doctor who will attend to you. Funnily, he wouldn’t believe me because of his experience with many hospitals, including general hospitals. In fact he said most of the general hospitals he’s visited don’t have standby doctors all the time. I could not argue with him on his experience. However Adebayo Living Tower Hospital’s doctors are available 24/7. The doctors are available to attend to patients all the time.

Full Laboratory Service

When i say full laboratory service, i am not talking about laboratories that perform malaria and typhoid tests ONLY. It goes beyond that. I am talking about all the major diagnostic tests including chemistry, microbiology, radiology, physiotherapy and other routine tests. Hard to believe that such facilities are available in Badagry, but it is absolutely true.

Infertility and Gynaecology services

Currently we’re working on getting permissions to share some of the amazing testimonies from couples who have been benefited immensely from their competencies. Infertility is one of the major issue that affect marriages in Nigeria. This is a fact that cannot be disputed. Many marriages went south due to infertility issue. Fortunately, with the help of proper diagnosis and experienced doctors, the issues can be minimized. If you’re looking for a reputable infertility clinic in Badagry, go to Adebayo Living Tower Hospital.

Emergency Medicine and Surgery

One of the major causes of increased mortality during childbirth is the absence of qualified medical personnel. Most women who died during child birth would have survive only if they have qualified medical doctors to attend to them. Emergency medicine and surgery is a life-saving practice that is saving thousands of people on a daily basis. In rural areas, qualified medical doctors are rarity. Fortunately, in Badagry, Adebayo Living Tower Hospital make emergency medicine and surgery available 24/7.

Immunization Services

When you take care of the mother and the child, you have taken care of the largest population in the society. Maybe this is the exact reason why Adebayo Living Tower Hospital take immunization of child very seriously. With their timetable and notifications, parents won’t miss a single doze of their child’s immunization. How amazing!

I could list over 10 amazing things about this private hospital. However let me stop here and allow the people to be the judge. Before i close this page, let me also mention that they have a functional website where you can read some health related articles, view their facilities, communicate with them, etc.

Contact Details

  • website: www.livingtowermedicalservices.com
  • email: info@livingtowermedicalservices.com
  • Address: No 8, Adebayo Ojajuni Street, Off Kemuye Bus Stop, Imeke, Badagry
  • Phone: +2348033905957