The 3 major residential doctors in Badagry, Lagos state, are the doctors that fully operate on their private hospitals and are available for services almost 18 hours per day. Amazingly, these doctors are recognized by the Lagos state health facility monitoring agency (HEFFAMA), and as a matter of fact, their hospitals are recommended for people in and around Badagry who are looking for qualitative healthcare.

Lest i forget, there are approximately 15 private hospitals in Badagry, Lagos, however most of the hospitals are owned by individuals who work full-time in government owned hospitals, and as a result of that, they are not fully available for service in their private hospitals, and some of the hospitals activities are being handled majorly by utility nurses and community health officers. So, in this article, i’ll highlight the 3 major residential doctors in Badagry, their hospitals, the address and all the information you need in other to reach them.

1. Hon. Dr Wahab Ola Oki

2. Dr Babatunde Ojajuni