Since the introduction of handset popularly known as a phone to the country, it has been rapidly gained unpredictable momentum in the market and its demands which have led to various craftsmanship such as phone engineers (local engineer), the dealers, shipping or supplying market, affiliate marketing, and the likes. Of all the advantages that phone has brought, I will restrict this article to Major phone dealers in Ikoyi, presumably, the elites that live in Ikoyi will use nothing less than the trendy and durable quality phone. In order to save the stress of searching market in a bid of stumbling on phone dealers, I deem it fit to put forward the Major phone dealers in Ikoyi and save the crap of wandering.


Yudala Ikoyi store is one of the branches of Yudala group of companies having spread across the length and breadth of the state and even beyond which can boast of shopping online and offline capacity. Ikoyi branch is located at No. 2, Norman Williams by Keffi, off Awolowo Rd or contact them on 08170391720. The general website for the company is Interestingly, Ikoyi branch is one of the leading branches of the company with an array of different kinds of phones, computer, electronic gadgets, and the list is endless, visit any of them are see catch the glitz.


The primary goal of Wavetech is their constant search for new technology and introduces it to the system, having a different kind of smartphones such as Android phones, windows phone, iPhone and more. They are wave to be reckoned of if truly you are to survey Ikoyi and bring major phone dealers to “phonemaniac’s” door-steps. Their office is located at 48, Awolowo road, S.W Ikoyi. It is one of the reputable dealers in hundreds of them in Ikoyi.


They are passionate phone dealer and its accessories with years of being in the business. It is situated at No. 46, Awolowo Road, S.W, Ikoyi. They have all kinds of the phone even with the latest and trendy spec with provision for a guarantee for the products; you can contact them via the address to get the packages on the guarantee.

I hope have saved you the stress of looking for where to buy a phone in Ikoyi with this piece, after having thoroughly researched and compiled the major phone dealers in Ikoyi. You are covered with a guarantee on any products you buy from them and offer local shipping for ordered products at a negligible amount. If you interested in helping your business to make the list, feel free to use contact page of the website you read this article.