Banking system in Badagry is definitely not the best. There are about 8 banks in Badagry as at the time of writing this article. The banks serve the town and the neighboring villages. I have visited all the banks on many occasions, and there are so many things to say about them. If you’re coming to Badagry for vacation or a party, please take note of this information before your visit.

As stated in the previous paragraph, there are about 8 banks in Badagry and its environment. Some of the banks are always free, and the transaction processes are very fast. The 3 busiest banks are known for congestions throughout the week. The most annoying thing about them is that both the banking halls and the ATM machines are always congested. If you are planning to use the ATMs for emergency purpose, sorry, you’ll be disappointed. For those who live in Badagry, the banks are very obvious.

First Bank: First bank is one of the busiest banks in Badagry. The banking hall is always like market. I personally hate the bank because you cannot complete your transaction in few minutes. You’ve got to wait in queue for several minutes or even hours before you can deposit or withdraw funds. It does not end in the banking hall. The ATM machine is always busy days and night. Anytime you’re not seeing people in queue, it means that the ATM is not working or out of funds. If you’re in a hurry to cash some funds, kindly look for other ATM with super fast service. I will share my experience about the ATM machines in the next article.

Badagry First bank is very easy to locate. It is few meters away from Ajara roundabouts. They have a spacious car park and the environment is open. You can also see what’s going on with your car from the ATM point.

UBA: The second busiest bank in Badagry is UBA. I have been banking with them for the past 4 years, and my observation is possibly the plain truth. One of the things I hate about UBA is the congestion in the banking hall. The little banking hall makes it extremely difficult for more than 20 people to bank conveniently. The bulk room is also very congested.

Another serious concern is the ATM. The ATM is situated in bad position, which makes it very difficult for people to enter the banking hall when there are many people waiting to use the ATM.I personally like using their ATM because it is very secure.

Ecobank: I added Ecobank because of their sluggishness. I hate everything about the bank including the way they deduct money unnecessarily. The banking hall is spacious but the staffs are very sluggish. Sometimes you’ll see only 10 people on queue for more than 30 minutes. If they don’t complain about the network, the cashiers would be away. Their ATM machines rarely work. It is very difficult before people can refer you to Ecobank. In fact, people hardly use their ATM machines.

These are the 3 busiest banks in Badagry. In my subsequent posts I will list the best ATM machines in Badagry, and the most reliable bank.